Sunday, February 6, 2011

a swift kick in the you-know-what

My friend, Muffy, just published this post. It is way too good not to share. I haven't even read the first chapter of Radical yet (we start this week), but God has already been kicking my butt in these same areas. Where are our priorities? Pretty gut wrenching stuff. Thanks, M, for always challenging me to seek Jesus more. I love you!

I will join with the millions tonight watching the Superbowl mainly because our dear friends invited us to watch it with them.  I am not a huge sports fan period, but the NFL particularly is not my favorite.  So, I have no idea what team to pull for and really don't care all that much!  But I do love a good party!  I'll be hollerin' "go, buffalo chicken dip!" Or "yay for chili!"  Who's playing anyway?

I never have quite understood the importance of professional sports.  When I think about too hard, my brain and my heart hurts.  I just don't get it.  Why do we pay these athletes so much money while we struggle to pay our educators?  Why?  Why are we more passionate about some dudes tossing around a pigskin than we are about making sure that people around the globe have a meal tonight?  Why?

Please don't think I excuse myself from these questions.  I am really wrestling with the Lord right now about our choices...  what our lifestyle looks like.  We don't live extravagantly.   Most months our budget is super tight, but we never miss a meal, and we always have a place to lay our heads.  We live comfortably.  But is that where the Lord wants us?

I just finished reading the book Radical by David Platt.  To say it was good would be inaccurate.  I would highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to more fully understand who Jesus is and what He commands us to do as His followers.  But, good?  Hmmm.  Good, I guess, if you like a punch in the gut.

Once my eyes have been opened to the filth that we, particularly, Americans, have made of our mission,  I want to throw up.  I mean, how is that it's ok with us that children around the world do not have safe drinking water? Why do I continue to purchase a $5/cup of coffee if I weren't somehow ok with this?  Or that I run to Target for just about anything while children are being trafficked around the globe.

I do know that I am just as guilty as anyone for creating idols, putting things or people in the place of God.  Oh, how I have failed.  We, as a nation, have failed: we are more passionate, give more press to and spend our money on a sport of tossing around a pigskin than we do making much of Jesus.

I do know I can no longer just turn a blind eye.  I have to do something.   I am asking God, "Lord, what is it that I've told I would never do for You?  How can I live differently to make Your Name great and that You get the glory?"

I am praying and seeking Jesus in a fresh way.  I am stripping Jesus of anything that I have made Him and looking at Him for who the Bible says He is.  Because, I either believe that Jesus is who He says He is or He's a lunatic.  If I say I believe, I need to be prepared to obey what  He commands me to do.

Oh dear.  This is going to be painful.


Kelli said...

I finished this book about a month ago and it is life changing to say the least. I, like you, am asking God to open the eyes of my heart, filling my heart with only Him and slowly divorcing myself from the love of "stuff!" God can and will change our perspective!! God bless and give Jonah ((hugs)) from SC!

Molly said...

For me, today is tainted by the knowledge that trafficking of underage girls will increase a TON today. Breaks my heart.

Laura A said...


Jeff just got this book and I'm excited about reading it. I've been really burdened by the sense of entitlement we seem to have lulled ourselves into (speaking VERY LOUDLY to myself.) Praying that God will show my family and me that the biggest blessings are not the things of this world.


The Smittys said...

when i started reading this in my reader, i was like, hey that... hmmm. OH that's me. ha! love you.

The Greene's said...

I have struggled with what to do about professional sports as well. And although I think the industry gets crazy and overboard there are some good things about it too. Many of these men have charities set up and do some great things with their fame and money and some of them are great role models also.
It was great that the first comment by the first interviewee after the big win was "To God be the glory"!
Just putting a little bit of a positive light on the madness :)

Don't get me wrong though - WAY too much time, money and attention is diverted to sports and the whole trafficking thing makes me so ill...

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Patrice - i read Radical a few months ago and it certainly is eye-opening, gut-wrenching truth that makes one really think about our American lifestyle. i just got back from a mission trip to Nicaragua and that is another thing that really makes me realize how frivolous a life that we live here in the good ole USA. We throw more money away than they make in a month.. or a year.... so sad.

I am trying to really seek God's heart on this and be more mindful of the way i spend money so i can help more in other ways.

thanks for your input -

love to Jonah!

Anonymous said...

wow, how powerful!!!! *Megan from WI*