Friday, June 8, 2012

slices of life, vol. 7

Me: Jonah, what is the opposite of up?
Jonah: Down!
Me: (mouth agape because I had no idea he knew what opposites even were) What is the opposite of big?
Jonah: Little!
Me: What is the opposite of short?
Jonah: PANTS!

When I went over to push Jonah’s food syringe during breakfast, he gave my head a huge hug.
Jonah: You’re a Sweet Darlin’, Mommy.

Matt and Jonah discussing the coming of the Easter Bunny.
Jonah: Easter bunny coming?
Matt: Yep. We’ll have to see what he brings you.
Jonah: Wanna see the Easter Bunny’s car!
Matt: I think he drives a convertible.
(Jonah almost cried Easter morning, after running past his basket, straight to the front door, only to realize he had missed seeing the Easter Bunny’s car.)

When we went to the outlets to do a little shopping, Matt let Jonah ride a Snoopy ride several times. Then, he told Jonah they couldn’t ride anymore because they had run out of money. Two days later:
Jonah: Daddy at work?
Me: Yes, Daddy’s at work today.
Jonah: Why?
Me: Daddy has to go to work so he can make money.
(Later, when Matt got home.)
Jonah: Hey Daddy, you home from work?
Matt: Yep, I’m home.
Jonah: Why go to work?
Matt: I have to go to work to make money.
Jonah: Ride Snoopy ride now?

Me: Hey Buddy, we need to go run some errands.
Jonah: Yeah, Jonah run too! In my running shoes.

Me: Hey Jonah, I’m going to hop in the shower real quick.
Jonah:  (jumping up and down) Hop? Like a bunny.

Jonah woke up with two new, little blisters side by side on his pinkie finger.
Jonah: LOOK! It’s a blister! LOOK! It’s another blister! They best friends.

While watching Handy Manny at lunch:
Jonah: I want to be construction worker when I grow up. I wanna be a repair man.
Me: Oh, you want to fix things when they break?
Jonah: No, I wanna work mighty machines.

Seeing a bird out the window, perched on a fence:
Jonah: Look at that bird! He’s a good boy! (Pause) That bird have a penis?

My favorite Jonah-mispronounced word right now:
Dandelions = Dandalance (rhymes with ambulance)


carla said...

He is too smart, and too cute! Lol

Ashley Ward said...

Oh my gosh, that was hilarious!!! I especially love the bird one, because my little guy is also reallllly into anatomy these days :D

Tami said...

Too cute!