Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jonah's Cure painting

Through a special friend who provided assistance with the first annual Jogging for Jonah race, I got to meet a local artist from Walkertown, Patti Hricinak Sheets.  After Jonah and I got to meet with her, she agreed to do an original painting to help raise funds for DebRA. A lot was going on in both of our lives at the time, but I know God worked to weave both of our stories together.

Patti asked what word I wanted on the painting, and I immediately chose the word Hope. Hope not only for a cure for EB but hope for all who suffer. A hope and promise that someday we'll all be healed. :) We got to introduce this beautiful piece, called "Jonah's Cure," at Jogging for Jonah, and people fell in love with it!

Here are a couple of very short videos about the painting. The first is Patti and the second one is me. I'd love it if you'd take just a second to watch. I love the way Patti explains the painting.

Patti Meets Jonah and Patrice from deric roger cook on Vimeo.

Patrice Williams_Hope Mural from deric roger cook on Vimeo.

If you are interested, you can order an 11X14 professional reproduction print of "Jonah's Cure" for $30. This includes taxes and shipping within the continental U.S. Money raised from the sale of prints and the original painting will go to DebRA on behalf of Jonah.  To order and learn more about the project visit

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Thank you Patti !

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