Friday, March 30, 2012

slices of life, vol. 6

Jonah: Get ready? Gonna go bye bye? In Mommy’s car?
Me: No, Buddy. We're about to take a nap. We’ll go bye bye when we go to church tonight.
Jonah: Oh. Gotcha.

Jonah was whining and kind of growl/yelling at me because he didn’t want to be in his chair at the table.
Me: Jonah you better stop that right now or you’re going to get in big trouble.
Jonah: (with still raised voice) Little trouble!
Me: No Sir. BIG trouble.
Jonah: (fake crying) I waaaaant liiiiitle trouble.

Deac was barking a lot, so Jonah wanted him to go outside.
Jonah: Deac outside!
Me: Okay, I’ll put Deac outside. Come on Deac.
Jonah: (looking at the back door). Gotta open it. Say “Abre.” Abre!

(During new wraps)
Jonah: Play train table?
Me: After new wraps, you want to play with your train table?
Jonah: Sure, Honey!

When we went to The Special Children’s School with Jonah for our tour, he was getting restless as we sat in a tiny office, talking with a couple of the administrators and the school nurse. Not to be mean, but just kind of out of boredom, Jonah slapped me on the face. I grabbed his arm, and said, “No Sir! You do NOT hit Mommy on the face!”  Jonah paused a second, got a mischievous look on his face and said, “High Five, Mommy! On the face?” Well played, Sir. Well played.


Jonah: Where's Mommy? (for the 500th time)
Matt: She's in Texas.
Jonah: That's a bummer.

Jonah got sick while I was gone and threw up A LOT, especially on Saturday, Saturday night, and Sunday. Matt and he had to run to the pharmacy to get some medicine.
Lady at pharmacy (to Jonah): Hey, sweetie. What are you doing?
Jonah: I throwin' up.

WHILE I WAS IN TEXAS (via Granny):

Jonah was in his crib for nap when Granny heard him over the monitor, saying, "Granny, Granny, Granny". She went to check on him. She found Jonah with one leg thrown over the side rail of the crib. When he saw her, he said, "Granny, I'm climbing over gate". Jonah is now in a big boy bed.

Granny and Jonah were watching the episode of Backyardigans where they turn a house into a banana.
Jonah: What happened?
Granny: They turned a house into a banana. That is so silly.
Jonah: No, Granny. That is ri-dic-uh-lus.

Jonah: I want to hug Mommy.
Granny: Mommy is in Texas.
Jonah: Why?
Granny: She is helping take care of Anton so his Mommy can do a good job with new wraps.
Jonah: But Granny, I want the next Mommy hug.
Granny: Jonah can save all his hugs to give to Mommy tomorrow.
Jonah: Good idea, Granny.

Granny was lying down with Jonah trying to get him to take a nap.
Jonah:Need to get up, Granny.
Granny: Why do you need to get up?
Jonah: Need to go?
Granny: Where do you need to go?
Jonah: I go to hospital. Call am-u-lance.
Granny: Why do you need to go to the hospital? Are you having a problem?
Jonah: Yes Granny. Have problem. Call am-u-lance.
Granny: What is your problem?
Jonah: I can't go to sleep
Granny: Do you have Ican'tgotosleepitis?
Jonah: That's right Granny. Call am-u-lance.

Jonah: What doing Granny?
Granny: I'm fixing your medicine for your breathing treatment.
Jonah: But I don't want a breathing treatment,I wanna play.
Granny: You have to a have a breathing treatment to help you feel better.
Jonah: I need to play.
Granny: Jonah, come over here so we can do your breathing treatment then you can play.
(Jonah lies on floor fake crying)
Jonah: I need Make-me-don't-cry medicine.


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Omg that's soooo sweet and he's sooo that little guy

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He is one funny little guy!

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Such a comedian you have on your hands! Love him!

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What a sweetheart! I just love it!