Monday, January 9, 2012

i got sucked in

Just finished the third book last night. Now I can have my not-nearly-as-exciting life back. I felt the end was kind of abrupt and not nearly as developed as I would have liked. I have other thoughts but won't say them for those who haven't read. In a lot of ways I was frustrated with how it all wrapped up. Not that there weren't good parts, but it just felt incomplete somehow. Maybe I just wasn't ready to say goodbye to all my new friends. I always have a couple days of sad after I finish a good book series. Is that weird?

Other People:

Hey Patrice...
Have you heard that new song... ?
Did you read so and so's blog...?
Didn't you see I tweeted that...?
Have you watched the most recent episode of...?
Did you see such and such on the news...?
Did you run this or that errand...?
Did you put on makeup today...?
You haven't blogged in a while...

See, what had happened was I downloaded "The Hunger Games" on our Kindle. The End.

(And just this morning I found out that there are two more books. Dang it.)

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