Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Hey y'all!

So it's time to start planning the third annual Jonah's EB Auction to raise money for DebRA (for patient advocacy and to fund research for a cure.) The auction will run February 24th - February 27th.

Katie posted this last night on Jonah's EB Auction Facebook page:

"To the generous ladies and gentlemen out there interested in making a donation for this year's auction: please contact me at jonahsebauction(at)gmail(dot)com. I will be collecting donations throughout January to prepare for the THIRD annual auction (February 24-27). I'm SO excited to see what this year holds. :)

If you'd like to help, but aren't sure what kind of items we are looking for, gift cards are always great because they sell and they cost next to nothing to ship. If you make jewelry, sew, or are an otherwise crafty person, we'd love to include your items! If you're still unsure, just email me at the auction address ("

We're afraid the Facebook updates aren't showing up on people's news feeds, even if you've "liked" the page, due to some of Facebook's new "improvements." So if you aren't getting updates, try going to the FB page, and liking and commenting on some stuff, and hopefully that will make it start showing up in your feed again. Also, if you go to your feed and sort by most recent stories, it may show up that way. And if you haven't "liked" the auction Facebook page, make sure you do! That's where we get the quickest updates, most communication, and play fun games all leading up to the auction.

Also, you can follow the auction (Katie) on Twitter (@jonahsebauction) to get updates that way too. (There will be a giveaway in the future and being a Twitter follower gets you an automatic entry! More to come on that soon!)


(Oh, and you don't have to be crafty or own your own business to donate. You can donate gift cards to restaurants, gas cards, grocery cards, popular DVD's, new children's toys/clothes, really anything that is new and reasonable to ship.)

Once again, thank all of you from the bottom of my heart (and Katie's) for making this annual tradition one of the most fun and most meaningful experiences I've ever been a part of. 


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