Thursday, December 29, 2011

slices of life, vol. 5

Several months ago I put some crackers out on the ottoman for Jonah. When I wasn't looking, Deac put his front paws up on the ottoman and started eating them. I said, “No Deac. Gross!” Jonah started yelling at Deac, going “Deac. Gwoss!” “Gwoss Deac.” I cleaned up the dog eaten crackers and put new crackers out for Jonah. I turned away and when I turned back Jonah was knocking them off one by one while Deac ate them off the floor. As Jonah fed them to Deac he was saying, “18, 15, 20, Good job!”

Matt was singing and Jonah said, “No, Daddy. No sing!” I got on to him for being rude to Daddy and explained that he could sing if he wanted to. Then I made Jonah apologize. Ever since, when Matt or I sing and he doesn’t want us to, he just starts saying, over and over again, “I sorry, Mommy/Daddy. I sorry. I sorry.”

I was unintentionally ignoring Jonah the other day, thinking about something else. Becoming increasingly frustrated, Jonah says, “Mom! Mom! Mom! Bitrice!”

Jonah: Hey Mom. How you?
Me: I’m great, Jonah. How are you?
Jonah: GRAPES!

Nativity Updates:
12/2 We just read the Christmas story from Luke 2 out of Jonah's "Jesus Storybook Bible." We then got out his Little People nativity set and tried to act out the story. First he tried to put "Baby J" up on top of the stable where the angel goes, sang Rock a Bye Baby to him, and one of the wise men and then angel Gabriel himself broke out into an adorable rendition of "Itsy Bitsy Spider." Also, Gabriel makes a growling sort of airplane sound when he flies. Just FYI.
12/3 The Nativity Scene lasted less than 24 hours. Man down! (Well, actually it's woman down. The Virgin Mary is MIA.)
12/8 We found the Virgin Mary today!!! (cues Hallelujah chorus)
12/11 Joseph made out with a Wise Man and Mary, who he thinks has a towel on her head, has gone to "dry hair."
12/15 After picking up the donkey and kissing him on the nose 10-12 times, Jonah exclaims, "I KISS A DONKEY!"

Jonah, playing basketball on his little hoop, “I dunkening!”

Background: When Jonah has bad boos boos and open wounds, I always tell him I'll put a patch (an extra bandage layer with Polysporin and Desitin on it) and it will make it feel better.
Aunt Sarah brought her rather large dog, Charlie, for a visit over Christmas break. We gated him and Deac in my bedroom and Charlie started whining.
Jonah: Chahlie crying. Don’t woowy, Chahlie. I give you a patch.

Jonah, petting a very sleepy Charlie: Good night, Chahlie! Sleep types.

When eating Christmas dinner with my mom and sisters, Jonah was practicing coughing into his arm. He finally did it right and we all clapped. Jonah looks up, smiles, and says, “Thank you errybody.”

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