Sunday, August 28, 2011

camping trip, part three

The long awaited final night photos of our sibling camping trip. (You were holding your breath, weren't you?)

We didn't want to overdo it with the too-outdoorsy stuff since we only had two days together, so on Saturday night, we went out to eat in Boone. It took us a while to figure out where to go but we finely landed at a southern cuisine restaurant called Proper.

Peyton went to snap a photo of the girls, but little did we know the camera was still set on the 10 shot setting from when we were taking our photos on the rock earlier in the day. So I took advantage of it and acted like a fool. (You're only seeing four of the ten. You're welcome.)

Pretty sisters.

Peyton, attempting to be artsy.

Shaina's the cutest.

I made them do this.

I am definitely getting 30-year-old eyes.

My turn at attempting to be artsy.

Our food. Everyone's was really good except Shaina's. Not sure how they made Baked Ziti (it didn't have sauce), fried potatoes (THEY DIDN'T HAVE KETCHUP!), and hushpuppies (um, not where I'm from, those aren't) so weird.

Shaina is considering Appalachian for college, so we made sure to go by the campus after dinner to let her check it out. It really is a beautiful campus.

This is the part of the story where I walked down the hill to get these photos, fell smack on my bottom and DIDN'T pee my pants. HOORAY! (Thank you, Couch to 5K.)

And then it was back to the camp site for S'mores!

The next morning, we packed up camp and headed to Mellow Mushroom for lunch before we came back home. We had such a good time, and I really hope we can (and our spouses will agree to) make it an annual thing. Either way, memories I'll treasure forever.

On a completely different note:
- It's 10:31 and Jonah is still awake, talking in his bed.
- I napped when he napped today and will probably be up all night. WHY DO I DO THIS?
- I completed Week 8, Day 1 of Couch to 5K tonight. This is my current FB status: 
Tried running a new route today. I ran to and around the Sedge Garden Rec Center. Problem is I ran downhill to get there so the second half of my run was mostly uphill. My running mantra on the way back was, "You're so stupid. You're so stupid. You're so stupid." But it was more of a "Yoooou're sooooo stuuuppiiid" sort of pace. 
- I've eaten 3/4 cup of Chocolate Cheerios with milk and two pieces of bacon since I've been home from my run, but I'm still starving. Just go to bed, you say? Um, hello, did you not read item two? I'm starving and I want a steak. It's going to be a long night.
UPDATE: At approximately 11:47 pm, I made myself a grilled cheese sandwich. I'm still hungry.

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