Saturday, August 27, 2011

checking in

Feeling pretty unmotivated to post tonight, but just thought I'd check in. Matt had a minor surgical procedure on Friday morning, so he's been on strict "don't walk except to get up and pee" rest since. I'm pooped with taking care of Jonah and all Jonah chores (drawing meds, g-tube meals, washing tubes and syringes, setting up for next day's dressing change, dressing change, picking up toys, night time blister draining etc) without a break. Jonah has been an angel but he's thrown up three times in the last two days (after barely throwing up at all in the last two months), so it's been a long couple days. Matt's recovering well though and he has been a good patient. :)

Funny story:

Background - One of the worst things Jonah deals with is itching skin when his wounds are healing. He takes Zyrtec in the mornings and Atarax in the evenings, and I use some creams and stuff to help, but no matter what, he has some days and moments where the itching drives him crazy. I will often times scratch his boo boos (most of the time on his fingers, heels or wrists) in a safe way to give him some relief. He really can't scratch because he only has two fingernails and does more of a dangerous rubbing against something. Anyway, when I scratch for him, you should see the look on his face. He smiles and laughs and says, "Scratch!" like I've given him the best gift in the world. It's really break-your-heart-cause-it's-so-sad-and-adorable-at-the-same-time sweet.

Anyway, I've tried explaining that Daddy can't walk and play right now, telling Jonah that Daddy has boo boo legs, just cause I don't know how to explain why he can't walk around. Anyway, when I first told him, Jonah walked over to Matt, said "Boo boo legs," and started scratching them for him. It was one of the sweetest things I've ever seen. It was the only way he knew to make Daddy feel better. I won't lie. I  teared up a little.

He is such a compassionate, affectionate little kiddo. Any time anyone coughs or sneezes, he'll say "Okay, Daddy?" or "Okay, Nana?" or whoever. When you get your mean voice and scold him, he'll rub your arm and say, "Iss okay, Mommy. Iss alright. I sorry, Mommy. Iss okay." He loves my friend Lindsey's little boy, Mason, who's four, and just hugs all over him every time he sees him. When his occupational therapist comes, after feeding therapy, they play on the floor and he is ALL OVER HER, wanting to sit on her while he plays. I love how sweet and affectionate he is. I really think he is going to have a beautiful tender heart. (But I'm also preparing myself for him to be the weird kid in school who pets his neighbors.)

Anyway, he's been very helpful with Daddy down, helping clean up his toys, helping feed Deac, and helping carry the trash from the bedroom to the kitchen. I'll tell him to go tell Daddy what he did and how he was a helper, and he'll squeal and run to the living room, so proud of himself he can barely stand it. I hope he always wants to help his Mommy.

Switching gears, I made Mongolian Beef last night for dinner, and it was A-MAZ-ING.

I found the recipe on Pinterest (have I mentioned that I love that site?), and it did not disappoint. Click HERE for the recipe. It calls for flank steak, but I used beef tips because that's what I had and it was super delicious. Let me know if you try it!

PS - We are in the western middle part of NC, so we are safe and sound but many of our Greenville friends have lots of damage and power outages, so please keep them in your prayers. Lots of flooding and I know the Northeast is about to get hit badly too. Praying that everyone stays safe. Don't take stupid chances!

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