Thursday, June 2, 2011

good news and some photos

A few things - 

Our dryer almost exploded today. There were definitely some terrible noises, a big spark and a couple flames, and some smoke. And later today when Matt went to unplug it, it sent a shock up his arm, from his hand to his shoulder. Note to us: turn off breaker before unplugging possessed dryer. (New dryer comes tomorrow.)

Called bug guy. He comes next Thursday. We have Springtails in our sinks and tubs again. We've had an ant here and there but most of them have learned. That's right, punks. Tell your friends. 

Called cable guy. He comes Tuesday. We're changing our internet hook-up from our guest room to the basement and moving the desktop down there (you know, so our future kiddos can do their homework... EEEEEK!). We're converting our guest room to a shared room for our future sons (I think we've decided on getting two boys! Not specific boys yet, but hopefully soon!) and turning the basement into a play/bandage change/futon room. We're consigning all our decor items and furniture that we don't need anymore and buying bunk beds, dressers, a night stand, a futon, and a new dining room table. Walmart and Big Lots are my friends. Did I just say Walmart was my friend? Man, I'm losing it. We'll see how I feel after we have to assemble it all. I'm glad we made a vow for better or for worse, because I anticipate this assembly stuff being a whole lot of worse.

Best news of the day - we were assigned our social worker today! As soon as the lady called to tell me who our social worker was, I hung up, and the social worker herself immediately called us. Her name is Tracy. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? She seemed super great on the phone. Our preliminary interview is this coming Monday (yep, four days away) at noon. Excited would be an understatement.

Best Best news of the day - Jonah's bottom is healed! The skin is still pink and maybe a little tender but there is no open skin and it did not bother him when I cleaned or creamed his bum today. Thank you, God!

And lastly, I think I owe you guys some photos. Our morning was normal, and then I had to get my allergy shots and mail some packages this afternoon. I got my first "red dose" of my allergens and I've been uncomfortable ever since. I have a huge welt on my arm and it itches and aches like crazy. I know it's the grass shot. I am so allergic to grass. Stupid grass. I only have to go one time a week now! Hooray! I'll take three shots a week over six any day. Tonight we went and had dinner with Granny and Great Grandaddy. Jonah had a fun time playing his Great Grandaddy's piano, turning on and off his hall nightlight, and walking his walker up and down the hall. 

And with no further ado...

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