Wednesday, June 1, 2011

i can't think of a title

Nothing much new to report. Jonah's bottom is looking some better. It's now healed over enough that I'm not having to use the stomahesive powder, as I can get the creams to stick on their own. Still a long way from healed, but an improvement. I found about three new little blisters on his butt cheeks today, but hopefully they won't grow anymore now that I've drained them. This heat right now is killer. I will not even let him step out of the house unless there is an errand that we just have to run. We will have to get out tomorrow, but today we didn't leave the house. I can't believe it's this hot already. What are we going to do??? Grrr. Contrary to popular opinion, summer sucks.

I think Matt and I are taking off a night from organizing tonight to watch our Netflix movie. I said, "What is it?" He said, "Hereafter." I asked, "What's it about?" He said, "It's Matt Damon." Alrighty then. Nuff said.

Oh, I wanted to point you to this post about John and Carson from "No Greater Joy Mom". She gives a great summary of their story, has a chip-in where you can donate, and is offering a Nook Color to one donor. Pretty sweet! Just in case you need a little extra motivation. :) I did receive two checks in our PO Box today for the Cannells. Thank you so much! If there are those of you who prefer donating by written check, please make it out to Donnie Cannell and send it to our PO Box (right sidebar) and I'll be sure to pass it along to them. Thank you guys so much!

I wish I had some cute photos or something to post, but we have literally done pretty much nothing all week. Oh well. There are certainly worse things than heat. At least we have an air conditioned house to keep him safe. I'm thankful.

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