Monday, October 6, 2014

checking in!

Hello Friends.

I miss you! I'm really going to try to get better about blogging. I miss the therapy and I miss the community. And I love having a journal of the boys' lives. The last two years will just be sort of missing. :)

Things are going really well. Jonah has started Kindergarten (a post on that to come soon) and is totally in love with his school and his teachers. Because our school system would not qualify him as special needs, he would not have had an aide to help him (really just best not to get me started), so we opted to send him to a half day private school that we LOVE. Seriously, it is such a blessing. School is something I have been thinking about since Jonah was probably a year old, and has always been a source of anxiety for me. But from the first time I walked into this school, I have felt God's hand all over it and such a peace. It's where he is meant to be and we are so grateful.

G is mischievous, into-everything, sweet, rotten, snuggly, strong-willed, and hilarious. He writes on the table, puts my hairbrush in the toilet, and never fails to "help" load and unload the dishwasher. He has dimples that make you want to squeeze him and says "Mama!" every time I come back (even if I've only been gone 30 seconds) in such a way that melts my heart. Like I'm his everything. It's pretty amazing. I know you guys are dying to hear news of his adoption, and so are we! We have officially entered the adoption phase, but it's looking like it will be November or December before it finalizes. We are okay with this and are just so grateful that he's ours. But I can't wait to blow up the internet with his sweet face.

For now, here are a couple from the last couple of weeks -

From the fair this past Saturday. G wasn't technically 34 inches, but needed to be to ride most of the rides. So maybe I poofed up his hair a little bit to add half an inch. I couldn't rightly say.

Tonight he weighed himself whilst eating Doritos. We share the same health and wellness philosophy.

From the Greenway Trail in Boone. We went to visit my sister at App two weekends ago.
Jonah was a ring-bearer in Matt's cousin Jake's wedding last weekend (another post to come). He was maybe the cutest ring bearer on the face of the planet ever. And by maybe I mean certainly. He couldn't wear the dress shoes, too narrow for his bandaged feet, but check out his sweet Chucks!
The first day it was cool enough to wear fall clothes. I thought he looked adorable. Later found out these were girls pants. Whoever handed him down girls pants better watch out. You may suffer the wrath of my mother-in-law. Can you see it though? The ruffles on the pockets? My bad.

It's almost midnight and I'm off to bed because the thing about my sweet, peaceful children? THEY WAKE UP. And they need things. Lots of things. Constantly.

Love to all of you. I hope in all things you see that God is working them for good. He does, you know. He's faithful like that. He's a Redeemer of Stories. Make sure to take note of how He's working to redeem yours. Because I promise He is.


Angela said...

Yay I love the updates :) I can't wait to see G's lil face and those dimples !!! I am soo happy that the wait for the adoption is almost over ...And what awesome news about Jonah and school I am so happy for you guys.I too am off to bed before the lil ones awake and need MEEE :)

Angela Bailey said...

I forgot you had a blog!!! ;-)

I can't wait until G is officially yours on paper. I know he's won Vance's and my heart! We love teaching him in Sunday school! <3

Laura Anderson said...

So glad you're back! Cannot WAIT until we can see G's face. Also cannot BELIEVE that Jonah's old enough to be in school - his sweet smile and sparkly eyes make my heart happy. :)

Love you (From TX, of course!)

Keri said...

Thank you for the update. I pray for you frequently and hope that you will continue to update your blog. I can not wait to see all the pictures of G!

Cristi said...

What a great story you have. Kindergarten! Wow! And that sweetie that lets you know you are his everything. God is good.

Charisa said...

Thanks for the update! Glad to hear everything is great!

Sonja said...

You've inspired me to start again too. Did you notice that a lot of people stopped blogging around the same time? It was weird...not like I decided to, but I just stopped too.

So nice to have an update! I'm so glad you found a great school for Jonah. I imagine that would be a huge stress. Our children attend private school as well, and though it is expensive, it has been worth it in many, many ways.

Toni :O) said...

Hooray for school and private too-we are huge fans of that as our kids go K-8 private and so glad we made that choice. So happy to see an update and that things are progressing in the adoption of G. Just great news all around. Excited to read and see more. Blessings to you all!

Jennifer G said...

Welcome back!! I've missed you. I kept checking in from time to time and praying for you all when I did. Good to know things are moving on up! God is good!
Jennifer in SENC (you know, the beach!)

Elle said...

Enjoyed reading your update, Patrice! Your boys have grown so and are adorable. Love them.