Tuesday, July 1, 2014

a sweet mercy

I have had a really hard time this week dealing with some of the things Jonah/we aren't getting to do/be a part of because of his EB. I have been bitter and resentful and really struggling. And even though I was being ungrateful and overly dramatic, God gave us a special treat today and I'm so thankful. We went up to Stone Mountain today with my Dad, Maw Maw, and Paw Paw. We went to the falls there (knowing it would be about 15 degrees cooler and bearable for Jonah). Although I had pre-discussed with Jonah that he couldn't get in the water because of his bandages (I had no way to do dressing change if he got wet) and he agreed he would be happy just watching, he got pretty sad once we got there. He, all of a sudden, got a really sad look on his face and when I asked him what was wrong, he said, "I just see all those other kids having fun and I wish I could have fun like that too." So you better believe I grabbed his hand and we headed straight for the water, bandages and all. He got a few extra blisters because of it and his bandages got soaked and filthy, but we just put a towel in his car seat, let him stay soaked for a few hours till I could get home and give him a bath, and the world did not end. So glad we got to experience life in this way. I grew up in the woods and going to the mountains and I have ached for him to have those experiences. Today was his first time ever in the woods! Thanking God tonight for possibly-bacteria-laden creek water, filthy sand-filled bandages, priceless memories, and sweet mercies.
(Don't miss the video. It's the best part.  )


Crafty Gio said...

That's really sweet!! He put a smile on my face. Many blessings to you and your family!!
BTW, I've baked your squash muffins twice in 2 days!! They are delicious!


Crafty Gio said...
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michelle said...

Aww love your joyful Jonah! I've got one, too. ;) I'm a long time reader and am coming out of lurkdom to let you know what an encouragement your blog has been to me. You are an amazing mom and I love peeking in here to see how y'all are doing.

Also, I wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. The details are on my blog if you'd like to participate!

Anonymous said...

I haven't visited in years, but I was looking at the Love Without boundaries website, and they recently took in a newborn with EB. At first they thought she was burned, but now they are thinking otherwise. I thought you may like to visit their site and possibly answer any questions that they may have. Amy apinkrn@aol.com

Cindy V said...

So sweet!

Kerriann Koss said...

What a happy kid! You guys are great parents and I wish the best for all of you. I enjoy reading your posts, and can't wait to read the next one! Stay strong <3