Wednesday, March 21, 2012

prayer request for anton

Could y'all please pray for Anton tonight? He had a swallow study done today. He's been choking and having a really hard time eating. Anyway, the study showed that everything he was eating and drinking was going into his lungs one out of four times.

They had to stop all food and drinks immediately and are planning on doing a g-tube in the next couple of days. They would have done it already (or tomorrow at the latest), but there is something malformed about his heart (may be nothing) and so they have to do an ECHO before they can do surgery to ensure that he can handle it.

The doctors there are new to EB but are consulting the experts in Cincinnati and listening to all advice. They are being very cautious and Vanessa says that everyone has been wonderful. Please pray for courage and wisdom for Jason and Vanessa too. It took me 14 months to build up enough courage to get a g-tube for Jonah and a month to prepare all my information for the doctors. I just can't imagine how overwhelming it is when the decision is forced on you so quickly, with no time to prepare. I know prayers for peace would be appreciated too.

You can read updates on Vanessa's blog HERE.

Thanks everyone!

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