Sunday, December 4, 2011

jonah and the nativity

My statuses from the last couple days:

"We just read the Christmas story from Luke 2 out of Jonah's "Jesus Storybook Bible." We then got out his Little People nativity set and tried to act out the story. First he tried to put "Baby J" up on top of the stable where the angel goes, sang Rock a Bye Baby to him, and one of the wise men and then Gabriel himself broke out into an adorable rendition of "Itsy Bitsy Spider." Also, Gabriel makes a growling sort of airplane sound when he flies. Just FYI."

"The Nativity Scene lasted less than 24 hours. Man down! (Well, actually it's woman down. The Virgin Mary is MIA.)"

And then a friend directed me to this hilarious post about boys and nativity scenes. (The comments are worth reading too.)

The Wise Men in their underwear?

Baby Jesus as an action figure?

Mary as a weapon of self defense?

The whole holy crew stuffed in the back of a big rig?

Apparently I have many many years of interesting nativity drama in my future. 

And pray for our sweet plastic Virgin Mary, folks. Who knows where she's ended up...

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