Tuesday, December 6, 2011

jonah's first choir performance

This post is mostly for our family who missed seeing Jonah "sing" in his first preschool choir performance this past Sunday. He was super adorable and completely captivating. Well, to me at least. I suppose that's how all the mommies feel.

The kids (ages 2-5) learned and sang two songs. They sang them at the end of the first service and at the very beginning of second service. We didn't catch it on video but when they first came out the first time, everyone got quiet, Jonah caught my eye, and yelled really loud, while waving, "Hey Mommy!" The whole congregation burst out laughing and it was one of the sweetest moments of my life.

To some, these videos may be boring. But to me they represent dreams I never allowed myself to envision. They represent the hope and joy that is ours because of the good God has brought out of the sorrow. They represent our new dreams. The best kind.

We praise God for this. He has brought us so far.

"Celebrate" (first time)

"Happy Birthday, Jesus" (first time)

Jonah coming out the second time.

"Celebrate" (second time, with a shout out to Nana)

Jonah losing it during "Happy Birthday, Jesus."
(AKA the most pitiful thing you've ever seen)

The little girl screaming her lungs out there in the middle is Maddie, my good friend Monica's daughter. God bless her little heart. This video is going to embarrass the mess out of her someday. It's going to be awesome. :)

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