Monday, October 10, 2011

slices of life, vol. 4

Because I want to remember these days...

Jonah adds an extra "en" in the progressive tense when he uses it. Examples: "Mommy cookening?" or "Car honkening!" etc. The other day he had a particularly bad bloody nose. We were having a hard time getting him to cooperate in tilting his head/pinching the bridge etc. When we were almost done, he said, in a sad crying voice, "All done boogerning!"

We went to the fair yesterday. When we were doing bath and bandages and Jonah would start being uncooperative, we would say, "It's okay, Buddy. We gotta hurry and get all clean so we can go to the fair." So this morning, as soon as I put him on the dressing change table and sat him up to take off his wet towels, he said to his Grandaddy and me, "Let's go, Guys. (Jumbled, incoherent words) go to fair!"

Any time Jonah feels an emotion that makes him whiny (fussy, grumpy, tired, mad, frustrated etc), he says, "I cared!" (I'm scared.)

Any time ANYONE coughs or sneezes around Jonah, he says, "Okay, Mommy?" or "Okay, Aunt Kim?" and so on.

Jonah wants to be just like his Daddy. If Matt is sitting in the floor playing with him, he usually gets a pillow to go behind his back up against the coffee table. Then, Jonah immediately goes and gets a pillow to put behind himself too. Matt wears a Wake Forest hat most all the time. Jonah insists on wearing Daddy's other hat (a Braves hat). Up until today, both have been Daddy's hats and Jonah would say he was wearing "Daddy hat." Today, all of a sudden, Jonah made it very clear that the Braves hat now belongs to him. He said, "Take it hat" when we were about to leave for Community Dinner, and Matt said, "You wanna wear Daddy's hat?" Jonah put his hand on Matt's head/hat and said, "Daddy hat." Then patted his own head with the Braves hat, and said "Jonah hat." Well then.

Jonah is trying to learn how to do a knock-knock joke.
Jonah: Knock Knock.
Other Person: Who's there?
Jonah: Jonah Lillams (Williams)

But it applies to other people too.
Jonah: Knock Knock
Other Person: Who's there?
Jonah: Granny Lillams/Kim Lillams etc.

Apparently Lillams is always the punchline.

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