Tuesday, October 11, 2011

at the fair

Matt's sister and her family were in town this weekend for her high school reunion. They live in NY now, and the kids had never been to a real (big) fair. So on Sunday, we went and I think they had a great time. The Dixie Classic Fair is so good, and any other fair I've ever been to (which are just dinky county fairs) don't even compare. AND Jonah got to see the train that brings the fair to town, which according to his Real Trains For Kids video is the last carnival train in America. 

Jonah got spoiled ROTTEN this weekend having family in town, and Grandaddy was definitely the main culprit. Jonah loves him some Grandaddy (but not as much as Granny, of course. Ahem.).

It was way hotter than it was supposed to be and Jonah got sun burnt. Yep, Mother of the Year award right here. I felt so bad, but it's already faded a lot, so I think it looked worse than it was. Still, sun burn in October? I didn't even think about it!

Waiting on the pig races to start.

Uncle Andrew thought this was hilarious and was definitely the highlight of his day. Man, those things really run for the Oreos. This big guy blew them all away!

Then it was off to the big kid rides, so Grant, Abby, and Will could have some fun.

Jonah had SO MUCH fun. I think our Tweetsie and Day Out with Thomas trips made him eager to ride. He rode four rides, and loved every single one! For a kid who cries when the Crock Pot is out on the counter, that's pretty huge.

Deep fried butter, deep fried Twinkies, deep fried bacon etc and so and so forth. Only in the South, Folks.

It was a really fun day. And as much as I'd love to write more about it, I just found a surprise stash of Hershey Kisses in my pantry. I love it when my In-Laws come and leave behind their chocolate. They know me well. I'm truly loved.

Here are our fair posts from 2009 and 2010 if you want to see them. Jonah has changed so much!

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