Friday, August 5, 2011

random thoughts

Satan lives in idle time and insecurities.

Pinterest is one of those things that's so simplistically brilliant everyone wonders simultaneously why they didn't think of it and how they ever lived without it.

I've eaten so many tomatoes this summer I started getting sores in mouth. One might think it would be good to eat fewer tomatoes. Or one could eat the same number of tomatoes and start popping L-Lysine like there's no tomorrow. I chose option two.

I will never tell Jonah that the frog does not, in fact, say "Jibbit Jibbit." Pure cuteness will always reign supreme over meaningless technicalities.

I don't believe there are people who actually wake up and WANT to go exercise. I take that back. I know they exist, I just try not to be friends with them.

If I never again have to fill out a hand-written 31 page family profile describing my deepest most personal feelings/crap from my past/traumatizing life circumstances etc in full paragraph answers, it will be too soon.

Jonah has super sonic train hearing. Even when he's not watching train videos on YouTube, if one is playing and it ends, even if he's in the other room, he immediately knows, comes to the table and makes me turn on a "eerant (different) one". This goes on during most of his waking hours. (I will be glad when Fall arrives and we can go outside again.)

To be continued (some random day in the future)...

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