Monday, June 6, 2011


Well our meeting today went great! We really like our social worker. She's close to our age (I think) and was enthusiastic and seemed genuinely excited for us. But she was still realistic about timeline and the reality of it all, which I appreciated too. It was a very conversational interview. She was super easy to talk to, and we didn't find her intimidating at all. I'm happy that God has given us Tracy. :) Toward the end of the meeting, she asked if she could do a walk-through, and we gladly obliged seeing as how we had worked our tails off the last couple of weeks anticipating that. About that time Jonah woke up from his nap and completely charmed her, talking, counting to ten on his own, and spelling his name when we asked. She was in love. Who could blame her, honestly?

After approval (shouldn't take long assuming all goes well), we will take our MAPP classes (five weeks; July and August), and then the licensure process will start. That will take minimum six months and involves a fire inspection, a home study, physicals for the three of us, fingerprinting (will take six weeks), 30-page family profiles for each of us to fill out, a medication administration (or something) class, a CPR/First Aid class, and lots of other paperwork. AND, after that's all done, the state has 50 business days (over two months?) to "approve" us (or something). Anyway, it's going to take longer than I thought, but that's okay. We said we're content to wait, and we are. Just remind me of that in a few months. Our boys are out there somewhere. :)

After that was over, Jonah had his last feeding therapy appointment with his current OT, Lisa. Lisa has been AMAZING and I owe most of my sanity to her. I was at my wit's end with Jonah's eating before she started helping us, and she has been here week in and week out, being patient, working with us, and always being loving and encouraging. She moves to Florida in a few weeks, and I am completely heartbroken. We're not just losing a great therapist, but a wonderful friend. (But really, we're not losing her, right?) Thank you so much, Lisa. For loving us, serving us, talking me through rough days, and always being patient and understanding of both Jonah and me. You were God's gift to us just when we needed you most. I can never thank you enough.

Annnnd now I'm crying... ahem.

After Feeding Therapy, Jonah and I ran to pick up some prescriptions at two different pharmacies. I also stopped to get a milkshake because I felt I had earned it (again). 

And my ever expanding face and skin pudgies are a testament to the fact that maybe I've earned one too many. I really need to start exercising and get some portion control. Y'all would not believe what I eat. Gross.

But then, at a stop light, I looked back at this face, and he gave me all the validation I need. :)

Tonight we went and picked up our boxes (seven, to be clear) of furniture from Walmart. I did their site to store free delivery, so we took both the minivan and Escape over to pick up the boxes. They were huge and SO HEAVY and there were many. I waited in the van with Jonah while Matt went into the store. About thirty minutes later, he came out BY HIMSELF with five HUGE boxes and no help to load them. Apparently "you take it out yourself" and "there was nobody to help him" and "if you can't fit it all in your car, after you've signed the receipt, it's not (their) responsibility and (they) won't hold it for you at the store." Ummmmm. Let's just say I had a nice talk with management over the phone from the parking lot while Matt went in to get the remaining boxes, and I will be writing a letter to Walmart headquarters. They place already makes me exponentially more sinful. This whole incident did not help. I really really really hate that place. I know it's so stupid to feel that passionately about a store, but I can't help it. I really don't like it. Anyhoo....

This is adorable Jonah tonight before bed in his new-to-him hand-me-down pajamas from his Cousin Will.
He makes me feel better.

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Stina said...

Walmart is seriously one of the worst establishments in America. From both a political and human resources standpoint as well as a totally shallow personally "icky" feeling I get whenever I go there. As a fellow Target lover (they are not perfect either, to be sure) I can totally relate to your hatred (strong word but totally appropriate) of Walmart!

Adorable pics of Jonah as usual and you deserve those milkshakes! I love reading about food people enjoy!