Sunday, June 19, 2011

jonah's breathing - update 2

Matt's mom wasn't super scared about Jonah's breathing. (She's a nurse.) She thinks we're fine to wait until tomorrow as long as he doesn't get worse. He's still running and playing and talking, and she said he'd be taking more breaks and having to stop and breathe if he was in too much distress. She says his fingernail beds (he has only two actual fingernails left) are still nice and pink, and they would be one of the first things to go blue if he wasn't getting enough oxygen. 

But we will be turning back on the breathing part of his Angel Care monitor tonight, just to make sure. 

Thank you for all your prayers. I would like to do a Father's Day post later on tonight but am not sure how much energy I'll have (stupid yard sale prep). I'll definitely give a Jonah update tomorrow after we go to the doctor. Not sure what time they'll be able to see us.

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