Monday, June 20, 2011

breathing update

I took Jonah to the doctor at noon, and here's the skinny.

He's still moving air well and although he sounds HORRIBLE, he doesn't seem to be in any distress and is getting the oxygen he needs. If things stay as they are, he will be okay for now. If he's not better after 72 hours on the steroids (Wed night), we will have to see the ENT at the hospital (bronchoscopy? admission?) on Thursday.

If things worsen (he stops playing, begins breathing rapidly and is struggling, struggles talking, won't sleep, retraction etc.), we will be headed to the hospital. I asked the doctor to call the ENT at the hospital to give the department an idea of what's going. I'm trying to work it out to where if we do have to go to the hospital, we can get a direct admission through ENT rather than having to go to the emergency room.

In other news, having to suffer Jonah on steroids until Thursday morning is going to make me batty. Like seriously, y'all will be checking me in cause I'll have checked out. Prednisone, I loathe you (but also love you... funny).

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