Tuesday, June 21, 2011

our God of miracles

Very quickly because it's been an exhausting day.

Jonah cried all morning because of the steroids. By the time I got him on the bandage change table, he had been crying for about two hours straight. Because I had his torso bandages off, I could see that he was retracting at his rib cage and his breathing had become much more rapid.

I called my mom to come over and Matt to come home from work.

By the time they arrived, Jonah's breathing had become more stable (still sounded bad, but didn't seemed distressed anymore). Matt and I decided to take him to the hospital. We called the pediatrician and they set it up for us to go to the ER, with the understanding that we would be taken straight back, evaluated by the attending ER doc, and then his ENT would be paged. They had spoken with both the ER attending and Jonah's ENT so everyone was on board. Since he had stabilized, we were told it was okay to wait a couple of hours so we let Jonah take a nap. While he slept we packed EVERYTHING in case we were admitted - everything we could think up he might would eat by mouth, all his medicines, his g-tube stuff (for his water and meds), bandaging materials, toys, the laptop and DVD's etc. All we had left to do was change his diaper when he woke up, and then we would be on our way. For six days he had been having terrible growling type stridor and a hoarse voice. For six days I've been worried non-stop about my Sweet Boy's breathing.

He woke up.

He was breathing easy, no stridor, and had more of a voice than he's had since last Thursday. (I guess he had a blister and it finally popped in his sleep?) That Legion of Angels seems to still be protecting him, even now.

We're never alone. Praise God!

Oh, I guess you got that we never had to go to the hospital? Life is good.

Thank you so much for your prayers. 

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