Thursday, May 19, 2011

our week

Not really sure where this week went but gone it is. Matt and I have been busy in the evenings. He mowed on Monday, I had Bible study Tuesday night, and he had church on Wednesday. After he got home from church last night and we put Jonah to bed, Meredith came over and helped me finish painting the second coat of my bathroom. She helped me with the first coat too, meaning both times, she did ALL of the trim. She is a rock star painter! I seriously have never seen anyone who can paint trim like her. She didn't get one drop on the baseboards or ceiling and we didn't tape. And she flew through it. ROCK. STAR.

I ordered Jonah another pair of soft strap sunglasses. They came on Monday. He is a little confused with how to wear them. He keeps calling them his "hat".

 Like I said, Matt mowed the yard on Monday evening.

So Jonah had to go out on the back deck and mow too.

Today we had some friends over for a play date. There were lots of bubbles and outside play. We had a great time!

Our friends, Abby...

And Jobey.

And after they went home and Jonah finished up his nap, I organized my spice drawer. It's a deep drawer, so I wrote the spice names on the lids, alphabetized them, and stood them up in the drawer. It should work great...

But I won't mention here that when I closed the drawer, half of them fell over...
because that sure would be disheartening after so much work. :(

Adoption wise, our agency has received our application, and we're waiting to be assigned a social worker. Hopefully that will happen sometime next week. I'm hoping then we'll be able to get things rolling. I'm praying for peace, patience, and clarity and I know that God will grant it. I'm really excited!

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