Friday, May 20, 2011

john and carson

This is John. He is an orphan with EB. He is in an institution (too old for the orphanage) in Eastern Europe.

This is his brother Carson. He is also an orphan and has EB. He is still in the orphanage but not for much longer. He will soon be institutionalized.

Carson just turned eight in April, and I believe John is a year older. 

This is their family. The Cannells from Lodi, CA.

Donnie and Karrie are an amazing couple. They are a "his, mine, and ours" family. Karrie had four children from a previous marriage, Donnie had two, and they have two together. Yes, EIGHT! To add to that, Donnie's 20-year-old daughter has EB, so they have lots of Butterfly experience. They have been in the process of trying to adopt Carson for a long time, but in the last few months found out he had a brother and of course, decided to adopt him too! The boys are currently separated and, needless to say, are living in conditions that are not exactly EB friendly. We need to get them home fast!

Get this - the Cannells are paperwork ready. Their final forms are in route, so all they are waiting on now is an appointment to go meet the boys for the first time. Here's the deal though, adopting both of them is even more expensive than it was going to be. We are talking $30 or $40 thousand dollars. They have $6,300. 

I know I've asked a lot of you guys lately. But I also know that if EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU who reads this clicks HERE and donates just five dollars, we can make a HUGE dent in their expenses. They are praying that God will do something huge, and I know that He will. And wouldn't it be cool if we could be a part of it? 

Please, for one day, if you have anything extra, give up your McDonald's or your Starbucks or your Chick-fil-A (pointing to myself on this one) or spend five less dollars at Target (again, me) and go give just five dollars. You can help change these boys' life and bring them home to their big, wonderful, eager, loving family.

Those boys deserve to come home. And that Mommy deserves to finally give her boys a hug.

Will you help them? Please? You can click HERE to make a secure donation through PayPal, and you can follow their journey HERE.

Thank you.

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