Sunday, March 6, 2011

our visitor

This is Vanessa.

She is our special visitor. I picked her up at the airport today, and she will be staying with us through next Monday. 

She's VERY serious about adopting an EB baby who is an orphan. I can't mention his name here until their home study is approved and she and her family can make an official commitment. She is here for "EB Training" this week. Their home study is a week from Saturday (on March 19th). If you could be in prayer for their home study preparations (preparing their home, forming a continued EB training plan, that they can get the required 10 hours of online adoption training in time etc.) and that his government will accept and approve them as qualified parents.

I told her today that she'll be WAY more prepared, experienced, and qualified than any of us were when our EB babies were born. I'm LOVING having her here and her eagerness and passion to learn the world of EB. And, oh my goodness, you should see how comfortable she is with Jonah (and how much he already loves her!). God is preparing her. It's so exciting to see his plan unfolding. 

Please be in prayer that if this is God's will and what is best for that sweet babe, that God's favor would fall on them and their preparations and that Baby will have a family by summer. 

As always, many thanks.

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