Tuesday, March 8, 2011

the last couple of days

Short and sweet.

We've had a good couple of days. Yesterday, feeding therapy. Today, two year check-up. Vanessa is learning a ton, has a nine tab notebook, and is taking videos and photos left and right. Today and tomorrow we're working on getting her some Texas EB contacts, and she'll help with her first dressing change tomorrow. Exciting things are happening, God is working, He is so, so, so faithful.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers.

Trying to teach Jonah to feed himself in feeding therapy yesterday. He did great. (This never would have happened four months ago.) Still not eagerly eating food or eating anywhere near enough to get decent calories, but he didn't act like we were killing him, so I'll take it!

Waiting and waiting and waiting at the doctor's office today.

Tickle, tickle. (Thanks for the photos, Vanessa!)

And then, we went a swangin'.

Oh my word. Those eyes. Sigh.

(He fell on his face - twice - this weekend. This unstable walking stage is killer.)

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