Friday, March 25, 2011

feeling human again

Just wanted to blog really quickly, while I eat my lunch (that's right, I'm eating again), and let you know that we're okay. I started feeling some better yesterday and although my throat is still a little sore, it's NOTHING compared to how it was. I'm feeling human again! :) I gargled warm salt water... and also peroxide. Not at the same time because THAT would be crazy.

Jonah is doing well but continues to cough a lot. He only threw up a little mucus this morning (hope you're not eating too) instead of his entire breakfast, so we'll take it. He's napping peacefully now.

Matt's parents are coming for a visit tonight, so Jonah will be super pumped about having his Granny and GrannyDaddy here to play with tomorrow.

A few cute photos of Jonah that I snapped this morning so you know he still exists.

I had a crazy dream the other night. And it was before I got sick, so I know I can't blame on all the drugs I've been taking. I dreamed that aliens were taking over and had just told us they were about to blow up the world from their huge spaceship. (Matt watches "V" and unfortunately I'm usually in the room when he does.) I was in the house where I grew up, but I was an adult. We all went outside. I handed Jonah to my dad. I looked at my parents, Matt, and who(m?)ever else was out there, and I said, in a very bold voice, "I call dibs on Gabe. Let's do this." No fear at all. Pure courage and excitement. It was pretty badass if I do say so myself. 

I guess that's what Jesus will do for you. 

My idea for "Jesus makes you Badass" t-shirts might not go over too well. Unfortunate.

Oh yeah, there's a couple new posts up over on Hope for Anton. One is a Gold Canyon (candles, bath and body etc) Fundraiser with 25% going to Anton, and the other is CJ, the maker of these cards, offering to donate 50% of all proceeds from her Etsy shop for the foreseeable future! Bidding on the Bow Holder and Clips ends at exactly 9:00 EST tonight. Make sure you are a follower (or whatever) over there so you can keep up. We have some GREAT stuff happening and more to come!

Hope you all have a happy and blessed weekend. Love those around you well, even the ones you don't feel like loving. They need it the most.

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Lauren said...

I'd buy your t-shirt! Glad you guys are feeling better. Enjoy the weekend and visit from Matt's parents!