Saturday, March 26, 2011



Blurry because I was, once again, refusing to use my flash, but cute anyway. :) I washed Jonah's coat today and was hanging it on a door knob to dry, so of course he wanted to put it on. The outside was pretty dry but the inside was soaked, so we just flipped that sucker inside out and voila! A cape!

Matt's folks kept Jonah this afternoon, so Matt and I got to go to Cracker Barrel (lima beans are the veggie on Saturdays!) for lunch, the grocery store, and Rack Room Shoes all by our lonesomes. We needed the time after a week of me being sick and grouchy. 

And look what we found at our little produce market down the street?

Diet DP in glass bottles! I know, right?

I'm feeling much better now. Jonah is too. He's still coughing, but is way past contagious stage, so we will be going to church tomorrow. I'M DETERMINED!

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