Tuesday, February 8, 2011

funds for anton

I want to let you know that I am working today on getting the information on how to donate and what agencies to contact if you are interested in adopting Anton. He has a page now on Reece's Rainbow if you would like to donate immediately. I will also be working on organizing some set fundraising events and campaigns to raise money. But all monies will have to be donated through Reece's Rainbow eventually. It will be the only legal way to donate... which I think is good. People will know it's legitimate. 

I want you to know that I am praying and thinking about this all the time. I keep thinking the words over and over, "widows and orphans, widows and orphans, widows and orphans." This is something big and I feel a great sense of urgency to raise these funds as quickly as possible.

I'll give you more details later today (the mornings are kind of busy for us :) ). 

For now, here is the link to Anton's Reece's Rainbow page. He is the second listing and his PayPal button is there. Please feel free to donate there if you feel so led. I can't thank you guys enough. Your response has been amazing.


Janel said...

this is why i love you!

Call me if you want to talk over any fundraising.

I want to do ANYTHING I can to help him.

Molly said...

Plus it's tax deductible if it's through RR! Contact Andrea and she can get you a direct link button to put in the sidebar or in this post. THANK YOU for advocating for him. It breaks my heart and Reece's Rainbow is a miracle organization.

Melissa said...

Reeces Rainbow IS awesome!!!!!! The adoption funds raised for Anton are FOR Anton's adoption-no matter if his family works through Reeces Rainbow or not. And yes, fully tax deductible!

Reeces Rainbow accepts Paypal too. Although, they do get hit with significant paypal fees for larger donations, mailing a check to RR is preferable, if possible.

A great agency to work through for Anton's adoption is


They are partnering with Reeces Rainbow to make everything as seamless as possible!

Thanks for raising awareness! I can't wait to see Anton HOME. I hope his family finds him SOON!