Tuesday, September 28, 2010

being intentional

I'm feeling God asking me to blog less and make time with Him a priority. For Him. For myself. For my marriage. So I'll be blogging some, but it will probably be even less than it is now... for a while anyway. Please bear with me and keep checking back.

I have to be intentional and MAKE time or it won't happen. And I really need/want it to happen. I want God and Matt to stop getting my leftovers. I know you understand.


The Goodman Family said...

I totally understand and support your reasoning behind your decision to blog less frequently, I actually admire you for that decision. I think that you are such a good example for reminding the rest of us that we need to give God & our families 100%, they don't deserve our "leftovers". I think that people need to blog and facebook much less, and put more time and energy into God and their families (myself included).

I will miss getting my daily does of baby Jo - nut, but I will still continue to pray for all of you.


RLR said...


Jill said...

Good for you. It's something I have been thinking about a lot recently too. Now, off to cuddle with my boys.

Laura A said...

Amen, sista!

Feeling convicted about this even as I type.

Will continue to pray for you, Matt and of course sweet Jonah.


Stef said...

I feel that way & I dont have a husband or child, I cant imagine what a balancing act it must be with. Enjoy this time soaking in the spirit & being with your boys :)

katrynka said...

I will miss your sense of humor, you are right in your priorities. I have you on my google reader, so it will let me know when you post!

Karen said...

Prayers for your family. Always listen to the Whispers of Jesus.

Maria said...

Way to go, Patrice.

We will all be here when you blog again, so no hurry. I love your commitment to what is truly important.

Please give your li'l Jonut a gentle hug.

maurerjen said...

Amen and Amen. :)

Tabatha said...

I have been reading your blog for some time, but have never commented. I agree that God needs to be first in our lives, and all too often we fall short of having the perfect relationship with Him.
With that said, your family has touched my heart, and through your writings I find strength. I am now reading CALM MY ANXIOUS HEART by Linda Dillow. Without your testimony, I would have never known about this jewel.
I'll keep your family, especially sweet baby Jonah, in my prayers.

You rock,

Kim M said...

Good for you Patrice, and oh boy, I've also learned to be intentional!

When I need me a Jonah fix, my scroll button works and I can look back at some of those sweet pictures.

You go girl!

Jennifer said...

Totally understand (and support you) on this! It is the same with most every mom out there, I am sure. And even those who aren't moms. Life can sure "happen" as they say! I salute you, I support you and I continue to pray for you and love on you from a distance. Jennifer of Southeast, NC (where we had 11.5 inches of rain and are expecting 10 MORE inches of rain!) I know how Noah felt!

Morissa said...

Putting yourself and your marriage on "the list" is so very important! I will check back often to read what posts you do have time for. We will be thinking (and praying) for you and your little family :)

Baby Bird said...

Hey there sweet Patrice:
I really missed you and Jonut on Monday. I am proud of you with your latest entry...we all should be so intentional!
Can't wait to talk and hear about what God is showing you in your study.
Hugs and kisses to all!
Love, Graimes

California Dreamin said...

Yes, I understand. I go through the same thing. I spend more time on FB, internet etc than I do with God and my husband. I always have to do a check on myself. Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

:-) enjoy your time!!! we'll be here when you pop in every now and then!

Kellye said...

Patrice, your words were exactly what I needed to hear today. I have been telling myself that I need to cut the fat out of my schedule; the frantic pace is not good for my family and I'm seeing the repercussions in my kids. "Leftovers" are what they are getting...THANK YOU for summing it up so well. I will be praying for you. Pray that as all of us who are struggling with putting family first, that as we resign from commitments, say "no" to more requests, etc., that people will respect that and support us, and not try to "talk us out of it" with "solutions" -- I don't want solutions or time management ideas; I want freedom from the non-essentials so that I can give my family the best, and not my leftovers.
Blessings to you, Matt and Jonah!! Your blogs will be even more precious now! :)

GoodsonFL@aol.com said...

I get it. You don't even know me but I feel like I know you. I check in everyday. Now your posts will be even more extra special. :) Your heart won't tell you wrong, you are doing the right thing.

thorney said...

I totally agree with you. God and your family must be first always. I stopped blogging all together about a year ago and life has been much better since. While I love hearing about how Jonah is getting along and what he is accomplishing, I think if you updated a couple times a month it would be more than enough, and you family will reap the benefits.

Keeping you in prayer as you seek to find the best for God and your faily.

chinamoon1420 said...

Totally understand! I have been feeling that myself so this will help me too! Now I can spend more time praying for Jonah, you, your husband and other EB families, my family and other families with sick children, also do some praying for myself and just some time living in Him. Thank you....for reminding me.

Amy said...

This makes me sad. You have such a following of people who love and pray for your son and you help spread so much awareness about his disease. I think you should continue and in face blog more!
Thats my 2cents.
Love and prayers still comming your way.

goodie girl said...

I like your priority. And being very intentional about your relationship is good for you, your husband, and son.