Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the last couple of days

Jonah has had a rough couple of days. Yesterday morning, he just woke up mad and pretty much screamed and cried all the way through bath and dressing change. And then it was off to the Pediatrician's Office for his 18 month check-up. NOT FUN. He was inconsolable the majority of the time. He had to get a shot, screamed any time the nurse or doctor touched him, and needed blood work done. There's a list of things he needs checked at least annually, and it's been a good while since he's had any done. We can't adjust his iron, vit c, zinc etc until we know where his levels are now. Anyway, I unwrapped his only good arm, four of us held him down, the vein was ornery, it took five to ten minutes to get any blood, and then the little bit we did get immediately clotted and was useless. It was a disaster and Jonah was hysterical. We didn't try again. He had had enough for one day.

He then came home and took a two hour and 45 minute nap. Max for him these days is about an hour, so I know he was worn out.

When he got up, he finally ate lunch (at 4 pm), and then we went over to our friends' house for dinner. Jonah seemed to be back to his mostly happy but slightly fussy and clingy self, and we had a good time.

Their son, David, is only about a week younger than Jonah. He is super cute!

Micah is a trip!

Elizabeth is IN LOVE with Matt. She is a huge flirt, and I'm concerned for her parents when she's 14. (Look at that vein poppin' out. She was SERIOUS about her crush.)

Don't be fooled. Matt thought she was pretty cute too.

Jonah had fun playing with different toys and hanging out with other kiddos. This is the last photo I took before my camera battery died. He never quite figured this toy out.

But then, this morning, over the monitor, Jonah woke up with a horrible sounding cough. Just out of the blue. It was more like a bark than a cough, and it sounded like it hurt. He just wasn't himself today.

Poor thing. Throughout the day, his breathing got more stuffy and he started to run a low grade fever. I took him back to the pediatrician this afternoon. More screaming fits ensued as she checked his throat and ears and listened to him breathing. She sent us to an imaging office to get xrays of his lungs and trachea. You can imagine how well that went over given the last two days and what Jonah had been put through. We then had to head back over to the Pediatrician's office (it was well after 5:00 by this time) to await the results.

Jonah has Croup and is being treated with a three day dose of steroids. Dr. B was hesitant and just wanted to know for sure before she prescribed them, as she says the steroids suppress his immune system and was worried about his wounds getting infected. But the EB folks I've talked to say the steroids usually help heal the boo boos, so hopefully it will be a good thing all the way around.

But if you feel like praying a few extra prayers for Jonah, you could pray for good rest, longer naps (one hour a day is not enough for him to stay happy and healthy), that he resists infection, and that his inflammation/coughing doesn't cause any blistering in his airway. All the coughing is also causing him to throw up a lot more (three times today), so we're running Pedialyte in his pump tonight instead of water.

While you're praying, I would really appreciate you lifting up my friends, T and J and their families. T is losing her battle with cancer and will be meeting Jesus very soon (most likely within the next week), and my friend J is fading fast after a long battle with ALS. Both of these women have been huge spiritual influences in so many people's lives, and saying they will be greatly missed is a huge understatement. Many hearts will be broken in their passing. But we will also be so happy that soon their suffering will be over, and they can finally be healed and whole, dancing on the Streets of Gold. Please keep their families, especially their husbands and children, in your prayers.

(UPDATE: I just found out that J passed away this afternoon/evening. Please, please lift up her family.)

As always, many, many thanks.


tomandcheryl said...

Thinking about Jonah and your friends. I am so sorry!
I had to mention that your friend's little girl, Elizabeth, I think, reminds me of my niece. She has crushes like that and she has the same vein.

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

I'm so sorry it's been such a tough week ... and it's only Tuesday. I will keep all of you in prayer. Love you.

Laura A said...

Poor sweet Jonah - croup is SO not fun! I hope he feels better soon and that the steroids won't complicate things with the boo-boos. Will pray for him now, as well as for J's family.


Wanda Wilkinson said...

Let' s pray that tomorrow brings relief &healing for Jonah now there is a new angel sitting on Jesus right hand to intercede for Jonah. Hope all of you have a restful night

thorney said...

Keeping Jonah in prayer for a quick healing of the Croup and no ramifications from it. Prayer for you and Matt too as you care for him. Prayers for your friends and their families.


Me, the boys and a Farm... said...


Lynnette Kraft said...

Ah, poor baby. Croup is scary isn't it. Hope he gets better soon.

Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

Praying for your family and the family of your friends.

Anonymous said...

Croup sucks! Here's to a quick recovery for that precious boy. He is loved. You are loved.

The Fishers said...

Praying for Jonah and your family as well as your friends and their families.

Journey of the George's said...

I read J's blog and was very sad to hear of her passing but know she is dancing on the streets of gold in Heaven!
I was looking at your blog yesterday and my 9 yr old sat by me. I told her about Jonah and she was very interested. I told her all about EB and we ck'd out Tripp's blog too. She said she is praying for Jonah and Tripp every day now.

Candi said...

Poor Jonah. My 12 mth old had croup back in the spring, she was miserable. I will be praying for a fast & successful recovery. I will also be praying for patience for mama! Get well soon Jonah! Kisses & hugs from Tennessee! :)

Kerin Lee said...

This is why I think you are such an amazing women. Here you are having a big struggle with Jonah (Croup is hard on babies without EB, I can't even imagine what Jonah and you guys are dealing with) and you are still taking time to unselfishly ask for prayers for your friends and friends family.

I pray that Jonah gets extra sleep. I pray that the steroids HEAL Jonah instead of hurting his booboos more. I pray that Jonah's pain is dulled by God so that he isn't suffering. And lastly, I pray for your friends and their families. I hope J passed peacefully and that T's passing will be painless also. I pray for peace and healing for their families.


Jenifer said...

Praying for sweet little Jonah. God love him. Croup go away!

Gilda said...

Absolutely praying for Jonah to get better really soon.