Wednesday, September 1, 2010

jonah update

Jonah's doing really well, considering. He did wake up some last night and was restless but he always settled down quickly, so we never had to go up there. I cranked up his humidifier and he didn't really cough much at all. But he's been puny and fussy today.

He actually fell asleep during dressing change today, which he hasn't done in a very long time. He fell asleep when I was working on his last arm and didn't even wake up when I sat him up to do his torso and then back down and then back up.

Dead weight. But not dead. Seriously, we checked for breaths. He was so out of it.

He stayed asleep for the last 25 minutes of dressing change, when I carried him up two flights of stairs, and for the next three hours.

Worn. Plum. Out.

I actually got a nap too. That also hasn't happened in a long time. So I'm hoping all this sleep and some good ol' Roids will do the trick. Praying it's only up from here.

Matt and I have ordered a late night pizza and are watching a movie. So it's a good night. Thanks for all the prayers.


Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

My sweet boy. Oh, I just love him so. Glad you guys are getting a break (of sorts). Hope the steroids have him back in tip-top shape in no time.

RLR said...

Glad that he's doing ok - though tired - and that you two are getting some rest and some together time.

Me, the boys and a Farm... said...

Rest and time with the hubby while the babe recovers...sounds pretty good! Blessings!

Wanda Wilkinson said...

That sweet boy was tuckered out. Sleep is good for healing. I can hardly believe how tall/long he is. Here's praying for a better THursday


Heather said...

So thankful for all the rest Jonah AND Mommy got today. So fun to have a spur of the moment date night! Must feel like being back in college again... late night pizza, movie night on a week-night. FUN!

Laura A said...

Glad he's better! Nothing like a good ol' nebulizer full of steroids!

Praying that sweet Jonah gets the rest he needs and that he will be all better soon. Enjoy the pizza!!

Love from TX!

Kerin Lee said...

I see my prayers were answered when I prayed for him to get some extra rest! Thank God!

Photographic Memories said...

so he couldn't have slept through dressing change on TUESDAY? :)

Lari said...

Praying all the rest will help him get better.

Jennifer said...

Praying for continued improvements on Thursday. Thanks for updating all of us. He sure must have been tired! Glad you got to nap too! Smart girl! You're learning! Jennifer of Southeast, NC (where no Earl is going to scare us!)

Candi said...

Glad both of you are able to get some rest! Sending prayers your way. You'd better get lots of rest, when he comes off of these steriods he is going to be a wild child!

Rachel said...

Aww Praying for that precious little one to get better and for antoher long nap tomorrow so his mama can get some things done so that she has more time to snuggle him when he is awake.
Hugs and PRayers
Rachel in PA