Monday, April 19, 2010

at the park

We enjoyed another cool Spring day today with a short trip to the park. We were kind of in a time crunch as we were quickly approaching nap time, and Jonah didn't last for long. But he was happy at first and tolerated the camera for the most part.

And today was his first time on the slide! (My allergies MEGA paid me back for this one later.)

... still totally worth it (well, to me anyway).

With Granny at the fountain.

I'm loving these cool days and trying to take advantage of them. Soon we will be stuck inside again, as Jonah's skin can't tolerate the heat. Plus, he's pretty much always wearing a snowsuit so even if the heat didn't make his skin blister worse (which it does), he still wouldn't be able to tolerate it.

So anyway, we're just trying to live for what we've got now. I thank God for Spring... allergies and all!


Photographic Memories said...

Man, I love that little kid.

thorney said...

So cute. Glad you were able to get out and enjoy your good weather.

How cool do you keep your house for Jonah to be comfortable?

jenlar3 said...

I love the pic of you and Jonah at the top of the slide! I don't take to heat very easily either, so I understand wanting to enjoy the beautiful cool days of spring!

Wanda Wilkinson said...

Can I just tell you how much I love Jonah--I start my day off reading your blog to get my Jonah fix..he is beautiful & yes I know boys are not supposed to be beautiful, but he is!!!

Enjoy another cool spring day the allergies will go away when you are stuck in the house because it is so hot.

You can really tell by his smile & eyes sparkling that he loves being outside.

Love I& prayers

Tina said...

Great pics! Jonah looks so much like you!

Ani said...

Such a cutie! Such fun times :-)

Lisa said...

Jonah sure is looking like a big boy and not so much a baby anymore. Enjoy the weather while you can, sorry about your allergies does Jonah have them too?

Kirsten said...

He is so freakin' adorable!! Seriously, I just wanna snuggle him.

Laura A said...

He's such a sweet boy - so glad he loves the outside! It's been a rough allergy season here too - but I'd say getting to go down the slide with Jonah would make it all worth it, too!

Hope you have more sunny, cool days! Give him a big hug from his Team in TX!


Tricia said...

Love the photos of him in the swing.

Jennifer Strosnider said...

aw, what Beautiful pictures! love you

Mandi @ It'scome2this said...

So fun Patrice!! Love that you're getting some good outdoor time in & I hope your allergies are kind to you. It absolutely breaks my heart to think about a little boy being stuck inside when it gets too hot for his skin ... still praying for a miracle!!