Friday, November 6, 2009

quick update

Just a short update tonight. I'm about to go to bed. Jonah was only up for about thirty minutes overnight, but I went to bed way too late, so I kicked my own butt.

The nurse came and weighed Jonah yesterday. He only gained an ounce over this last week, but it's not a loss, so we'll take it. Plus I think all his calories went to length instead of weight. I swear he seems like he's grown a foot over the last two weeks. He's getting taller and thinning out, and he doesn't look like my little chubby-faced fatty anymore. Kinda sad. :(

He ate 24.8 ounces today! Hooray!

He's still not really napping more than twenty to thirty minutes at a time, and most of the time, he'll only sleep as long as I'm holding him.

I know I shouldn't do this but...

He hasn't had a gusher since Tuesday of LAST week... so we're going on ten days! And it was seven days between his last two. I'm not saying he won't do it again (especially now that I blogged about it), but hopefully we're outgrowing it.

Matt's folks are here this weekend, so I'm excited about that. They're only here until tomorrow evening. I'm hoping we can get out tomorrow (I've been out once since Sunday... Jonah hasn't been out at all since then). It's supposed to be a pretty weekend here, so I hope we can spend a lot of it outside. I figure we won't have that many more warm ones left.

Okay, off to bed. Thanks for all the wonderful comments and emails. You guys are the best. I'm better now. :)


Sewconsult said...

I missed last night's entry, so when I read it, I was horrified. Totally uncalled for. I don't understand why some people think that the blogger is needing that kind of comment. She/he needs more than prayers. A swift kick in the pants would do just fine.

Praying for all of you. Keep a growin' Jonut!
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

Jessica said...

So many people have no life and just want to hurt others. UGH
Please, please don't let them get to you! You and your husband are doing an amazing job!!!
Prayers for all of you!! and HUGS too!

Rebecca said...

Glad you are feeling better - mean people are stinky :( and you of anyone do not need to deal with them. You are a great mom!!!

Have a great weekend with Matt's parents!!!

Anonymous said...

Good gravy! I miss checking in with your family for one day and I miss the entire firestorm! Wow.
I am grateful that you choose to allow us the chance to have a glimpse into your lives- the good, the bad, the whatever. Even though our parenting situations are vastly different, when it comes right down to it- we are both Mamas. Plain and simple, complicated and hard, love, tears, full hearts and heartbreaks.
Those others can just, well... I won't 'say' it- wouldn't be very 'Christian' of me. (Did that sound snotty? Good. ;) It was supposed to!)
Good news about Jonah's continued weight gain and growth! Hooray for no gushers (not that I'm mentioning it, just in case we jinx it!)!! Also- again, I realize our little ones are in different situations, but all three of my kiddos went through a period of time around 7-9 months old when they just would NOT sleep longer than those horrible 20 minute cat naps. They all grew out of it, thankfully. Just wanted to pass that on- some things can be more alike than different- and maybe this will give you a little glimpse of a light at the end of the 'no nap tunnel'!
God bless you all. Enjoy your weekend visitors.

jardinera linda said...

Que disfruteis del fin de semana!

(y muy bien por no permitir anĂ³nimos, o sea, no permitir comentar a algunos cobardes)

Jennifer, Sunshine, Angel, Miss Thang, My Birdy (formerly Baby) said...

Pictures - we want pictures! =)

I am so glad to read yet again another great update (weight gain, no gushers, eating!!) I thank Jesus for this good news as of late and then I pray for it to continue.

No joke though, we want pictures!

Thomas and Jamie said...

OH YEA!!! I've been praying so hard for this! GREAT NEWS!!

Tracie said...

About the no napping it possible to let him sleep on your chest while you recline so you can get some sleep? I have no idea if that would hurt his skin but that is how I got sleep when my oldest son and youngest daughter had horrible eczema and needed comfort. Yes, I know Jonah's condition and even the worst eczema are worlds apart but I thought I'd ask. Some days/nights, that was the only way I got a minute of sleep. I hope you find a way to get him to nap better so you can rest.
And YAY for the ounce gained! I agree..."we'll" take it!
I hope your weekend is wonderful!

Confessions Of A Working Mom said...

My daughter went through a period where she didn't gain any weight, but she was eating a ton, and sure enough she grew like 2 inches in a month. So your assumption with Jonah is probably spot on! Hope you get to enjoy this pretty weather we're having!


Amy said...

I think of you and your son often; I'm a social worker with two clients who have this skin disorder. I am catching up on blog reading and saw the post from the other day. People can just be cruel. I enjoy your posts and learning more about EB and Jonah.

Jenny said...

That's awesome news!!!! You rock, Jonah!

Laura said...

It looks like it's going to be beautiful here in Nashville. I hope it is there too and you can spend the day outside. When Eli was Jonah's age, I remember being able to go out side even for just 15mins. made both of us much happier. He just loved looking at the outdoor things and I'm sure Jonah does as well! Have fun!

Laura S.

Kellye said...

People who choose to leave hateful comments anonymously are cowards, nothing more. And no one is forcing them to read about your trips to Target, right?? Wow, I feel sorry for those who must feel that the only way to build themselves up is to knock down others. I will pray for them (even though it is hard!)...we had a great lesson on praying for your enemies a few weeks ago, which I have trouble with. This is a chance for me to practice this prayer skill some more...

And Patrice, my 3 kids watched a lot of tv as toddlers and infants...but with the wealth of good shows on nowadays, it's not the same as putting them in front of Bugs Bunny for hours (which I'm sure my mom did, however, and I turned out fine, LOLOL!!). You'd think that the tv immediately turns our kiddos into unemotional robots, the way the "studies" talk. But anyway, there are some GREAT shows for kids that back up what I teach them! Sesame Street is still good, Little Bear is adorable, Word World helped teach my daughter to read, Between the Lions did the same for my son...but tv is horrible, right? Yea, RIGHT...the key is moderation, which obviously you're doing; you are such a devoted mom. I would use tv to catch a shower, answer phone calls, fix dinner, etc...and frankly I think my kids enjoyed the break from me!! Veggie Tales were always a winner of course; I still enjoy me some Bob and Larry!! And the French Peas...they rule. But that is GOOD STUFF for kids, and I see nothing wrong with it. As my friend said, if parking my kid for 30 minutes in front of the tv helps me keep my sanity a bit longer that day, then I am able to be a BETTER mother to my child rather than an emotionally wrecked one! Trust your instincts and God, not anonymous hateful bloggers...

I feel the need to go to Target now...the spirit is moving me...:)

Prayers to you and your growing Jonut! And I can TOTALLY relate to the loss of those fat cheeks on my babies...:( But each stage comes with its own gifts, trust me! :)

Laura A said...

Good morning! Hope you're enjoying your weekend with Matt's parents. Glad Jonah's eating better, and also glad for the 1 ounce gain!

Well, off to do laundry (what else?!) Have a terrific Saturday!

Love from TX!

Ellen said...

Thats great news! An ounce is better then nothing! I'll be praying the no gushers continue! I'll also pray that he'll nap better! lol All my 5 kids were terrible nappers! Hope you got some good sleep!!

Connie Mae said...

I just want to tell you that the only way my youngest took 20 min naps when she was younger, was in my arms! I believe we try to keep ourselves too busy as moms, that a nap for 20 min in my arms made ME take a break! Now, my 2 1/2 year old, will fall asleep on the couch just like that and sleep for 1-2 hours! Keep up the GREAT work! You are an amazing woman! :)

erika said...

Good job growing Jonah!!! So proud of you. Have a good weekend. Hope it's as nice there as it is here in IL. Fall sunshine always makes us feel good. Have fun with your Grandma and Grandpa.
Erika in IL

PS you tell your mommy to go to Target and wander around all she wants. I think it's one of the most therapeutic things to do as a Mommy and I love to hear all about it. Boo to mean people. Your Mommy (and Daddy) rocks.

Lyndsay said...

Hi Patrice...I was just folding laundry this morning and God laid something on my heart for you. When my older son was a baby he would spit up alot and I was breastfeeding so it really made me anxious that he wasn't getting enough food. Well I got to thinking that we pray a blessing over our food before we eat...I should do the same before he nurses. You might be already doing this, but since I don't remember reading it that's why I'm sharing. Anyways I started praying over Owen's food and him before he nursed. I honestly can't remember him eating any better or not spitting up as much, but what I do remember is after that I didn't worry about it. I was at peace just because I was talking to God. It calmed my nerves. Kids can definitely pick up on when we are anxious and WANT them to do something so bad they will just refuse to do that. Take it from experience with a 2 year old that still has eating issues. Even if Jonah doesn't actually eat better maybe it will just help you to feel more at ease.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I hope it includes getting out of the house. I know a couped up Mommy is not a happy Mommy! Blessings!

Anne said...

I want to leave a word of encouragement.
You are a fantastic mother with great maternal instincts. Your wit is also right on as well as your faith and love of family.
I think that your blog and the connections you make for Jonah are awesome. Such a blessing.
Leave the negative vibes in the dust .
Anne, mom to three, including a son with special needs, son now 30 and remains the soul of this family in so many ways.

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

I read your post from yesterday. Yeah, it's ugly stuff. Having raised several special needs kids, I went through a lot of this -- people not in your shoes, without a shred of understanding of what you do every daily, making judgments and giving advice that that they likely would not be able to carry through. I learned to turn them a deaf ear since they had nothing to offer -- someone with experience is another story (but they rarely speak in such negative tones). I hope you will develop a tin ear for what is useless. You don't have time to spend on information that is not helpful, and you have no one to answer to except God.

In the interim, thanks for the update. Jonah is in my prayer list.

NickNonna said...

Go Jonah! No gushers and weight gain? Awesome. Have a wonderful weekend, guys.

ishatrisha said...

i think it is ironic how your supposedly blog "hater" not only posted a comment annonymously, but also did it from jonah's perspective like you so often do! which means, that they must make an effort to follow your blog! how outrageous! i am officially ticked off for you too!

jandkland said...

I'm glad for the good news about Jonah and I know you're loving your guests. I hope you have a fantastic Sunday! I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. Always.

--Kelley in GA

Amber said...

I just read your last blog,and this one. I am so sorry someone felt they had to attack you in such a way.
I don't comment much but I read your blog often. I think you area an awsome mother, you have taken with complete love a task of caring for your child with health issues.
Please, don't let harsh words from others gt to you much.
God sees you daily and how you and your husband care for your son. And like you said, you care for and spend more time with your son than 99% of other moms out there.
You have an amazing family!!
Ignore the rest!

Claire said...

Lots of good news, yay!


Krus Family said...

I have been following you almost ever since Jonah was born and I think you and your husband are awesome parents. You have so much strength, even when it's toughest. Keep up the good work and remember, if god is for us, who can be against us!!

Lisa said...

Just give that adorable Jonah and Squishey Squishey, and Kissey, Kissey...I just noticed today myself Sailor who just turned 6 months yesterday is getting longer, and now being a Roly Poly Bug she is rolling all over the floor...they grow so hug and kiss them while you can (or while they will let us) Josiah dosent care for our kisses as much as he used to but then again like he told me MOM I am almost 7 I don't need kisses anymore...broke my heart it did..

Melissa said...

Patrice, something you wrote in this post "clicked" a memory for me. It was about Jonah not sleeping much.

I remember my boys' pediatrician saying that if they don't sleep, they don't grow. And believe me, they had growth issues! He said it in reference to me needing to do the "cry it out" thing at night with them. I know things are quite different for you with Jonah and crying and rubbing, so I'm not telling you this info to tell you to have him cry it out and learn to sleep, because I know you can't really do that, but just as what I hope will be an encouragement to you that perhaps Jonah's slowed weight gain is a phase that he will outgrow as he gets older. (Sorry for the long, run-on sentence.) I know one of my babies was 10 months old when I did the cry-it-out method, so he must have been having growth issues at around the same age that Jonah is now. And true, if Jonah is "stretching out" and putting his growth into height rather than weight right now, that could be a contributor.

Okay, thanks for listening. Love your blog and the updates, along with opportunities to pray.