Sunday, November 8, 2009

our weekend

We've had a nice weekend, and I have a couple pictures to prove it, although I'm too tired to get them off my camera and put them up tonight.

Matt's parents came Friday night around 9, and we were just finishing up putting Jonah to bed. We got up Saturday morning, fed Jonah, let him take a long morning nap (holding him, of course), and then did dressing change. We ate lunch here and then later in the afternoon, my sister, Sarah, came over and we all went out to Gabe's spot (Debbie needed to put some flowers on her brother's grave who is also buried there) and then to Garden Ridge in Greensboro. I like that store. Lots of stuff for reasonable prices. They have LOTS of outdoor Christmas decorations, but I was being indecisive and thinking to myself that I don't have a staple gun or a tall ladder or creative decorating skills or energy, so, needless to say, I didn't buy much of anything. Actually, I got two pairs of pajama pants, 6 pairs of white athletic socks, the book Corduroy, a fall wreath for the front door, and a Christmas decorative stake thingy to stick out front. In my head, I'm totally going to go all out - in the decoration department - for Jonah's first Christmas. But when I really sit and think about how much money, time, and energy that will take, it just makes me feel tired. Pretty much anything outside of the day-to-day makes me feel tired. Sometimes I think I'm just lazy. If I can get dressing change done before noon, I feel like it's a productive day... and then I just kind of feel sluggish until bedtime. I know. I know. Get my thyroid checked. It's on my list.

Today Jonah didn't wake up until 7:45 (after waking up at 6:20 babbling... my response - ignoring him. It apparently worked.) Unfortunately he woke up VERY poopy, which required immediate dressing change. We went straight into it hoping we could still make it to church, but it was 9:30 by the time we got done. We knew we couldn't get him fed, both of us showered and ready, and him changed and out the door within an hour. So no church for us today. We did take him out around 2:00 to lunch at The Loop. Matt and I like taking him to places with outdoor seating (although there are very few here in Kville), because he's happier outdoors and the germs aren't closed in. He was great! Then Matt kept him for about two and a half hours so I could go SHOPPING! I'm not usually a big shopper, but I am desperate for some fall/winter clothes, and clothes shopping is not an easy thing to do with Jonah. The last two falls/winters I've been in maternity clothes, so my old stuff either doesn't fit right anymore or has been washed and dried so many times it's all faded, bumped up, or too short. AND I'm feeling the need to feel pretty. I know that's not really important, and I definitely wouldn't classify myself as "fashionable," but I wanted a few new (colorful) tops for the cool weather. (Staying in your pajama pants and t-shirts with your hair in a pony tail all day starts to make you feel really frumpy after a while.) I tend to buy everything in really dark shades, so I made myself buy things in pink, purple, orange, yellow, and green today. I had great success at Kohl's, and I feel like I got some good deals.

I'm at a frustrating place right now because the styles in Juniors don't really suit me anymore (or at least I feel like I should be dressing differently), but nothing in Misses really fits.

And for crying out loud, where are all the dark brown casual but not too casual pants??? (I tried Target, Kohl's, Maurices, and CATO.) I hate having something very specific in my head but not having a clue where to get it. I'm hoping, if Jonah cooperates, Matt's mom and I can head to the mall tomorrow.

I'm counting on you GAP. You're my only hope.

Jonah ate 22 ounces on Saturday, but only 19 1/2 today.

Oh yeah, and he had a big gusher on Saturday morning, you know, the morning after I blogged about it. Why oh WHY do I do that???

This officially concludes the most boring post ever.

PS - Tripp, Jonah said to say, "Good game." We almost had you, but we have a tendency to screw things up in the end. Hope you got to watch the game with your daddy.


The Goodman Family said...

Shopping sounds fun! Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend! We are still praying for you guys!

Rose said...

I was going to suggest the Gap. Go check it out, or maybe old navy?

Barbara said...

First comment from a longtime faithful follower...nothing you write is EVER boring! I have loved every one of your posts and Jonah is always in my prayers. Love to you and your family!

Kelsey said...

Feeling "pretty" is important. When you feel good about yourself and how you look, it is important. I to have been either pregnant or breastfeeding for the last couple of years and I finally went and bought myself new jeans yesterday. I finally found a pair of jeans that I love. I don't know if you have a Buckle store near you but they have so many styles of jeans to choose from. My favorite were the BKE brand in the style Kate. They have evey size with different lengths. Anyways, it was so nice to get a cute pair of jeans that made me feel good and that didn't cost a fortune ($76...not bad). If you have a store near you, you should check them out. I don't think you would be disappointed. And they have really cute tops that won't make you look like you are a teenager. Glad things are going well with Jonah! My family got sick a couple of weeks ago with the swine flu and I just kept thinking about Jonah and hoping that he stays free from the flu this year.

Laura A said...

Glad you got to get out! And know what you mean about feeling pretty - would like to get back to that one day soon myself! :)

Anyway, just wanted to tell you that I made the fajita mac and cheese tonight, and 6 out of 7 family members surveyed gave it a thumbs up! (The nay-sayer was Caroline, who rarely likes ANYTHING, so I wasn't too worried.) So it's definitely a keeper - and it makes a lot more than I realized, so it will be a good "stretch meal!" Thanks so much for sharing the recipe!

Hope you get some rest tonight and that sweet Jonah does too. Praying as always!

Love from TX!

Bethany said...

It sounds like a *normal* weekend! And you definitely deserve the shopping! I'm with you on not finding good stuff, though. I feel like I never can find anything cute. (I mean, I'm 28, not sixteen or forty--there's almost no in-between.) I'm praying Jonah and you have a great week!

Jessica said...

Do you have a Gap outlet anywhere near you? I JUST got brown pants (and gray ones) at the Gap Outlet last week. Good luck!

Anita said...

Tripp's Daddy had to work so he watched the game with his mommy, Papa and Grammy. Papa was really nervous!! Loved your picture and message. What a cutie!! We were going to send you a Go Saints picture but his mommy has been having computer trouble!
So happy you were able to shop for yourself. You certainly deserve it.

Anonymous said...

I see someone's already suggested Old Navy- but that'd be my less-expensive option than Gap. We were just there today (50% off outerwear for all, and extra 50% off clearance!) and found a bunch of things... for the kids of course, not us. Sigh. The fashion lives of parents is reeeeaaaallly different than before the litte ones!
I hear you in the juniors vs. misses problem. I like the styles in the jrs. section, but man oh man- after 3 kiddos (shoot, after ONE if I'm honest!) stuff just isn't in the right places for the right fit! But, misses feels like my mom's clothes... ugh. Stick with ON, Gap and Target in my opinion! Good luck on the pants...

Kim and Asa said...

I tried the recipe too! It does make a lot and it is good! Thanks!

My mom just told me to have my thyroid checked! Same tired, exhausted, hair falling out, some people mention crabby......I'm sure mine is just stress! At least a low functioning thyroid can be treated easier than unloading all this stress!

Sorry about the gusher! Maybe it'll be even longer in between this time. We see GI next week and it isn't going to be a pretty visit!

Praying for ya'll often! You are awesome and never boring! You make me feel less crazy and more normal! :)


This is the day! said...

Glad you had a good weekend. I have a question for you about comments and how you delete them. I know you have done this but I had some bizarre comment tonight and don't know how to get rid of it. I don't really have any followers and am not used to random bizarre and mean comments but want to get rid of it and block the person. If you have time maybe you can let us know how to do it . I have been trying for a while with no luck. Praying for little Jonah daily!!!

Cristin said...

Since having my son, I've found a lot of good deals and clothes that fit and New York and Company. There clothes are stylish, but "mommy" friendly.

thorney said...

Shopping . . . I tried shopping today for some nice fall clothes and ended up with two nike yoga pants and jackets--one black and one gray. How exciting is that? I almost bought a flannel shirt, but I didn't--although I may go back and get it. I have 50 pairs of jeans and no tops, and yet I could not find anything I really liked except v-neck long sleeved t-shirts--how boring, and I already have a zillion of them in every color.

You would be fun to shop with. You are not too old for the junior department. Not. Too. Old. I still find things in there and 'm in my 50's! It a matter of mind, not age.

Have you tried Old Navy? Macy's Junior department is very good too.


brandie said...

Yay for shopping for fall clothes!! I totally understand wanting to get out of the frumpy pj's. Though there are still days i just can't help it!
Sounds like you had a great weekend with family!

Ellen said...

Not a boring post at all! I love Corduroy books! In fact we love them so much I collect them! I made my one daughter her own Corduroy bear with green overalls and all! Glad you had a nice weekend!

Lauren said...

I found some "casual brown pants" at JC Penney's this weekend in the Petite section. I can't remember if you do petites or not, but I was very happy with the fit and the price!

And my thyroid keeps getting mentioned, too. Next time I go in for a big set of blood work, I've been told to get them to check that. They did it a couple of years ago and didn't find anything, but my high resting heart rate (and since I've read up on it, my propensity to get overheated easily, sweat like crazy and turn red) has them coming back to it every year or so.

Ronda said...

I think it is important to feel pretty, so I hope you find some great things at the Mall. I also love Kohl's. I just go straight for the clearance, they always have so many racks 60-80% off.

Kellye said...

Patrice: Kohl's is about my favorite place to shop for clothes, really. But for basic pants, I've had great success at Dress Barn. You might want to give them a try...

To Anita: I want to see Tripp's Saints picture...he's got a fellow fan of the black and gold praying for him!! What a great game...but my heart can't take too many like that, LOL!

Have a wonderful day, everyone! Praying for no more gushers from Mr. Jonah!

Molly said...

This is my first time to comment on your blog! I found you via MckMama, and wanted to give you some encouragement given the rude comments you've gotten lately. Ugh - I hate that for you! First, Jonah is absolutely adorable and is one lucky boy to have such wonderful parents. You are obviously doing an amazing job with him! I love getting updates and following your story. As for those commenters who seem to lurk around waiting for something to criticize you about....seriously?!? I'm so sorry you're having to listen to their nonsense. If tv & sweet tea are their biggest worries when it comes to child-rearing, then they must be pretty darn lucky. Enjoy your sweet boy and keep on spoiling him with tv, sweet tea, and whatever else he wants. All of you are in my prayers. Thanks for sharing your amazing journey.

Vicki said...

Hi, Patrice.

I'm a 56-year-old grandma who has been reading your blog for a while now.

I wanted to comment on you saying that you are tired and feel like you are "lazy" -- ha! please, dear - I read your blog and see what you do every day, and I can definitely say that you are NOT lazy. Don't underestimate the effect on your body of the stress that you deal with on a daily basis. Be kind to yourself and look after yourself! Don't think negative thoughts about yourself and don't let anyone make any negative comments about you.

Jonah is thriving. And you are still getting up every day and putting one foot in front of the other. And you continue to write this extremely well-written and informative blog.

Jonah is THRIVING! That's all that matters.

Don't waste your words on "anonymous". Unfortunately, there are angry and mean people in this world. A lot more than we realize. How dare she criticize ANYTHING you do to get through your dad?


Vicki in Tennessee

lauren said...

Hi Patrice! I'm not positive but I am thinking your church is down 150???? Anyway, if that's right, my favorite place to shop (on a good day anyway) is the Mega Thrift on Clemmonsville Road right at 150. If you want brown pants, you go to the pants section...then to the ones your size...then they are all in order by COLOR! Voila, easy to find what you want and will probably cost less than $5! Oh, and lots of weekends all the baby clothes are 50% off :) There's also one on University across from the Coliseum near campus but it isn't as good. Godo luck, and feeling pretty does matter!

Nora Lee said...

I love Garden Ridge too, and don't feel bad about the Christmas decorating thing. I don't have anything near what you do on my plate and it makes me tired thinking about decorating (like they do in the magazines)but I want my house to look like that!!! Good luck with the shopping, glad you were able to get out a bit. Advice: take the $$ you saved at Garden Ridge by passing up all the Christmas yard stuff, and buy something for deserve it!

Jennifer said...

Blessings to you, precious Mama of Jonah!
Chances are decent that if you do get your thyroid checked, they'll tell you that it's "normal." If you're still exhausted, don't stop there. I've learned through some digging that the cut-off value should be 2.5 or 3.0 but it's listed on the lab sheets as 5.5. Higher numbers reflect a lower thyroid. Get a copy of your results and if your actual TSH number is greater than 2.5, request a "thyroid antibody" blood test. It worked for me and I finally got treated for my fatigue!
Jen (Elisabeth's sister) in GSO