Monday, February 2, 2009

me and baby 33 weeks

Here are the latest photos of me and baby.

I had a fat face complex about all the pictures that Shaina took of Matt and me. So here is the one I finally chose...

Here I am at 33 weeks with Gabe. I can't really tell, but I think I'm a little bigger this time. This picture makes me miss Gabe... and the Spring.


Katherine said...

You look amazing! MATT'S the one who should have a complex ... those tiny bangs he's sporting. That picture makes me miss Gabe, too.

Janna Lynn said...

I LOVE the look great! I'm dreading how big I'm going to get with this one! Also, I think your belly looks a little rounder this time...if that makes any sense. :-)

AnneConover said...

You look adorable Patrice - and you are BOTH glowing! Gabe's brother will be here before you know it! You must be SO excited and anxious. It's crazy that I know EIGHT women having babies this winter/spring (what's in the water??). Three of them are my nieces - the first one was born last Saturday (Allie Ruth), two more to go. AND they're all having girls except for you :) Love you guys!!!

Jessi said...

You look beautiful! I think you're right, you look a little bit bigger with this baby then you were with Gabe. The two pictures of you and your babies are beautiful and the one of you and Matt is really funny!
Praying for y'all and looking forward to seeing pictures of your newest little one!

Jill said...

Hey beautiful girl :)
Oh my goodness, I was just looking at your blog this morning. I am trying to do better about just being a "stalker" and not commenting. I've been reading yours for a long time. You write like you talk and that is a gift.
So, I just get home and there is a comment from Patrice. thanks.
I am excited for you and Matt!
Much Love and a big big big hug