Monday, January 26, 2009

25 random things

This is a post going around on Facebook. Since I had done all the work of writing it, I decided to post it here too. I was tired of seeing the pictures of my big feet right beside the picture of sweet Gabe. I wanted to move it down. So here's a new post, without all the work.

(In no particular order)...

1. My first son was stillborn at 37 weeks this past April. We named him Gabriel Matthew, but we call him Gabe. He was 6 pounds, 14 ounces and beautiful. They never found a cause. We wouldn't trade those 37 weeks for anything, and the pain of missing him is totally worth it to have had him.

2. We are anxiously and excitedly awaiting the arrival of baby boy #2. I will be induced the day I turn 37 weeks, February 27th.

3. I am a blog addict. I feel about blogs the way Matt feels about I especially love blogs that can make me laugh out loud. I think it should be a requirement for all of my out-of-town friends to have a blog. I'm thinking about instituting this as a rule to our friendship. Prepare yourselves.

4. I have texture issues with food. I will not eat coconut, cottage cheese, grits, pears, certain types of apples, and many other things because of this...except I will eat Caramel Delite (Delight?) girl scout cookies. They don't seem coconutty.

5. I hate it when you are the only person in a ten stall bathroom, and then someone comes in, and even with all those open stalls, they choose the one RIGHT next to you. Can't a girl pee in peace?

6. It really bugs me when people say, "I could care less." The phrase is really, "I couldn't care less." Think about what you're saying, people. If you COULD care less, then you could care less than you do right now. And the whole point of the phrase is that you don't care AT COULDN'T care ANY less.

7. I don't know much about grammar, but I do have a hang-up about the misuse of the words "less" and "fewer" and "number" and "amount."

8. Although I love to read, I have a hard time with non-fiction books. I've been reading The Audacity of Hope for a year, and I'm not even half-way through. Ironically, though, Blue Like Jazz is one of my favorite books ever.

9. I don't like sports (much to my husband's dismay), but I do like Panthers football and love Wake Forest basketball.

10. I like to scrapbook, but I'm not very good at it. I take over a whole room with all my crap, and take 3 weeks to clean it up. I got a new digital scrap booking program for Christmas and am excited about using it... much more convenient, much less mess, no need for the ability to cut in a straight line.

11. I speak Spanish fluently.

12. My favorite food is taco salad...the kind you make with Old El Paso seasoning, not the kind you buy at a restaurant. I could eat it every day.

13. My favorite dessert is cheesecake. I also really like fruit pies and cobblers. I'm not a huge chocolate lover, but I'll pretty much eat whatever you put in front of me... even when I'm not pregnant.

14. I like to work out but hate dieting. Carbs are great. I don't know how to cook (or eat) without them.

15. I have been to Argentina, Mexico, and Nicaragua. I would love to travel to all the other 18 Spanish-speaking countries, Ireland, Italy, Greece, and Israel (or anywhere else).

16. Ever since Gabe died, I have to make the bed every day before leaving the house. I don't know why.

17. I have slept with a stuffed animal my whole life and still do. Growing up it was Little Foot. Now it is the teddy bear they gave us at the hospital when Gabe was born.

18. All I really want to have when I'm sick is Kathryn's mom's chicken and rice soup and Sonic chocolate milkshakes.

19. I taught high school Spanish for four years. I love teaching, but hate all the other stuff that goes with it (dealing with idiotic parents who think their child can do no wrong, detached administration, grading papers, staff development, working 15 hours a day). Don't ever say to a teacher, "You're so lucky. You get the summers off." It's very likely you'll get slapped in the face.

20. I now work at Young Life. I'm assistant Regional Director... I mean, assistant to the assistant to the Regional Director. I work with two of the greatest women I've ever met. It is such a blessing to work, play, laugh, cry and pray with them.

21. I disliked Matt all through high school, but we started dating on a senior trip the week after graduation. We owe our whole relationship to Mrs. Blythe's Spanish 5 Trivial Pursuit Fridays, Jamie who predicted we would get married when we didn't even know each other, and Jesus (not necessarily in that order).

22. My favorite TV shows are Lost, The Office, and Grey's Anatomy. I also enjoy 90210 in syndication. The new one is stupid.

23. I really like being outside, listening to live music, and little things like going to the farmer's market and shopping for used books.

24. The majority of my wardrobe is from Target and Kohl's. But I'll only buy my underwear from American Eagle.

25. I like saying what's on my mind (see "not me" post), most of the time to a fault. I think Matt gets embarrassed by it, but I'll strike up a conversation with pretty much anybody about pretty much anything. One time I started talking to this random older man in the grocery store about what bacon I should buy. Sometimes people react well. Sometimes they act weird about it. Either way, I usually just keep on a'talkin'. Life's too short, you know?


The Strosniders said...

see #25 = this is why i love you. (among other things)

Miss Cook said...


how much do i love #s 5, 6, 7, 19, and of course, 21!!!

i still totally remember that first night i begged you to come over to trent's despite the fact that matt was there :-) you were such a good friend to come!!!

love you!!!

(p.s., as you know...ignore the Miss Cook...i use for a class discussion board type thing, so i look super lame when i comment on non-class related things) :-)