Thursday, February 26, 2009

famous by association

This link is to a video of our friend and fellow Pinedaler Katelyn who recently appeared on our local Fox 8 news. She did us the great honor of singing at Gabe's funeral, before we even knew her. I really wanted her to sing at his service, but at the time, didn't even know her name. I certainly was in no shape to be making funeral decisions, so didn't say anything about this to anyone except Matt. But the next day, they called from church and said that Katelyn was going to sing. I know it was just a little thing, but also a divine blessing that made Gabe's service even more special to us. She sang for me when I couldn't, and I'll never forget. Thanks, Katelyn!

I wanted to embed this video, but that wasn't an option, so you'll have to click on the below link.,0,6759589.story

So, anyhow, I think this makes Gabe famous by association. I always knew he was a rock star!

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