Sunday, August 3, 2008

new york

This past weekend we went up to Matt's sister's house for a long weekend. We celebrated Grant's 7th birthday at Yankees Stadium. We got a tour of the stadium, including the dugout and clubhouse. No pictures were allowed in the clubhouse, but it was very cool. We learned that Jeter has two lockers - one for his stuff and the other for all his fan mail. Although we are not Yankees fans, it was really neat to be in the same places some of the baseball greats have been - Babe Ruth, Joe Dimaggio, Lou Gehrig... pretty sweet. It was especially neat considering the stadium will be torn down after this season.

Andrew also took us sailing while we were there. It was a lot of fun to me, but Matt got sea sick, so I'm not sure he had such a great time. He said afterwards that the huge steak and baked potato lunch he had before we went out probably wasn't a good idea.

We were supposed to fly up on a 12:25 flight last Thursday. It got canceled after we had already checked our luggage and gone to the gate. We called the 1-800 number instead of standing in line (a VERY smart move, GO KIM!) and were put on a 4:50 flight. We left the airport and hung out at the mall and with my friend, Amy Todd. She took us back to the airport around 3:30. Our flight got delayed, and we finally took off around 6:30. It was quite ridiculous. Then, on the way home, we were supposed to have a 6 something flight. That one got delayed, and our plane took off at 10:15. After my mom picked us up, we went to get my car, and unpacked enough to get ready for bed, we got in bed around 1 or 1:30. We both had to go to work the next day (I worked a temp job last week - please still be praying for the right job to come along).

All the flight mess was more than worth it to go up and spend time with Kim, Andrew, the kids and Matt's parents. It was a happy family weekend. Here are some pictures.

The two of us at monument park

Grant with his Yankees birthday cake

Matt and Abby in the Yankees dugout

Matt with the Babe

Matt and Will in the luxury suite where we had pizza and cake

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