Saturday, August 2, 2008

sometimes i'm an idiot

So, here is a "Patrice is an idiot" story. For some reason I got it in my head that Harris Teeter's triple coupon weekend started on Wednesday, July 23rd. This was nobody's fault but mine. LeeAnn's blog definitely had the right dates, but for some reason I just had it in my head wrong. Anyway, I had spent all this time cutting coupons and arranging them into two lists. You could only do 20 coupons at a time, so I had a list for myself and a list for Matt. I categorized them into food and non-food items, listed the brand name and number of each item we needed, and paper clipped the coupons to the lists. (FYI - when I informed Matt that he would be accompanying me to triple coupon shop, he immediately responded, "I have plans." That was before I even told him what night we were going. I then informed him that he most certainly did NOT have plans. Isn't marital compromise beautiful?) I digress. So we went to Harris Teeter after all this planning ahead on my part, and we got ALL this stuff in our carts. We all of a sudden realized how not crowded it was. We were back in the meat department, and I asked an employee, "It is triple coupons today, right?" She told us, no, that is started first thing Thursday morning. What a doofus.... me, not her... she was a perfectly wonderful meat lady. So there we were, carts full of items that took us forever to find, and we weren't even going to get to take advantage of LOTS of money off. I sorted all the stuff I wanted to keep in one cart, and while Matt went to pay, I put all of the other stuff back on the shelves. (I now have very high respect for the stock boy who has to stack all those Yoplait yogurts. That was hard work). Luckily some of the coupons were doubled for us, and we still ended up saving around $60.00... not as much as we could have, but still better than nothing. Really, we probably saved as much money as we would have if we had just gone to Walmart in the first place, but Harris Teeter is prettier, so that's something. Someday I will be a triple-couponing-queen, but for now I'll settle for night-before-not-so-triple-couponing-spaz. Let's just say for no-tax weekend, I'm hiding in my bed.


brightleigh said...

Patrice? Patrice Williams? Patrice Crump Williams? I see you have taken up a pastime of mine--couponing. You know, that is what old married folks do on Friday nights, go couponing at the grocery store! I thought this was a hoot. You need to make sure you check some of my Favorite Places on my blog and you will know when triple couponing at HT is! I have to applaud your effort and you get EXTRA points for getting Matt to go with you! Thank you for the comic relief!

LeeAnn said...

Oh wow, well maybe I wasn't clear on the dates...I'm so sorry that triple coupon days didn't work out for you this time around...but I must say that afterwards it did make for a funny story. Maybe next time the two of us can go together so we don't have to drag the boys along. They can have "plans" with each other! :)

Glad you had fun in NY and in the mountains. Sounds like a great couple of weekends! Missed you!

Lauren said...

i'm laughing at the mental picture of matt's face when he realized that not only did he get dragged into HT to do triple-couponing, but dragged in on the wrong night. way to go on the savings, though!