Saturday, May 7, 2011

checking in

This will be short and sweet. We came down to Florence for the weekend, and Matt and his dad are at the Darlington race. They go every year. Last year I didn't come down because I didn't want to have to pack for just one or two nights, but I've gotten a little better and things have gotten a little easier, so I decided to come down this year.

Jonah got in bed late last night, so he slept in until 9:15 this morning. The highlights of the day were lunch at Five Guys, a trip to the train station, and Jonah joined Granny and I at dinner tonight at a Japanese Steakhouse. He really loved it, and there was a lot of "Fire!", "Hot!", and "Cooking!" to go along with his clapping and yells of appreciation. He is at such a fun age.

The train station was a Jonah-Dream. We saw three moving trains, two or three helicopters, a couple of different tractor/excavator thingies, an ambulance, and the race blimp passed RIGHT over us. It was a good day. :) (Pictures to come once we're home.)

I'm pooped, but just wanted to check in. I realized it had been a while. For those of you who'd like to know how the painting is going, it's not. After Matt and I spent hours filling holes and working on some of the trim, my light grey/blue paint dried bright Carolina Blue. That will not do at all. So on Monday I'll be back at Lowes hoping they can add some stuff to my current gallon to fix it. Frustrating to say the least... especially since I bet I'm going to have to prime over the bright blue to do the lighter color I want. I actually created more work for myself, so I'm officially in the negative. I apparently need prayers for this part of my life as well. The good news is that Matt and I stayed calm and I'm proud to say we do indeed still love each other after the hours of negative productivity work. I'm glad I married a man who understands and loves the bees I get in my bonnet from time to time.

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!

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