Wednesday, May 4, 2011

a few things...

1. We are alive and well. Jonah continues to stay healthy.
2. He had a blood draw today (15 cc's), but the blood didn't clot and they were fast. He freaked out but soon recovered and sang Happy Birthday for his nurse.
3. Jonah, Granny, and I visited Baby M and his Mommy at the hospital today to say our goodbyes. They will be discharged and moving to the eastern part of the state tomorrow or Friday.
4. My husband is the best. But I know you guys knew that already. Thank you for all your sweet comments.
5. Matt and I are going to start painting our bathroom tonight. It is going to take a long time if we only get to work after Jonah goes to bed, but I'm excited about doing a project together. 

That is all. Thanks again for all your love and support. 

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