Monday, May 9, 2011

slices of life, vol. 3

When Matt and Granny were hanging with Jonah while I was at Bible study, Jonah said, "Ready, Set, BAD!" and then started jumping on the couch.

When Granny was visiting and Jonah wanted to her to put him to bed:
Granny: Are we going to read a book?
Jonah: Book.
Granny: Are we going to sing a song?
Jonah: Song.
Granny: Are we going to say your prayers?
Jonah: Truck.

Jonah and I were watching "Super Why" and they asked how to spell the word "pass."
SW: What letter makes the "puh, puh, puh" sound?
Jonah: "P". "Pop." "Puppy."
SW: What letter makes the "aaa" sound in "pass"?
Me: Jonah, that's the letter A. "aaaaaaa"
Jonah: "aaaaa". "Hat."
SW: What letter makes the "ssss" sound?
Jonah: "S". "Snake."

My dad was here a few weeks ago working on our fence. There was lots of hammering and tool usage. Now, any time Jonah sees a hammer or hears hammering, he says, "Hammah! Pop. Hammah hammah. Pop."

Jonah often calls Grandaddy (Matt's dad) "Granny Daddy."

While freaking out when getting his blood drawn, mid-draw, in an effort to get Jonah settled down:
Me: Jonah, did you tell Nurse Brian you went to Tweetsie?
Jonah: (Immediately stopped crying, looked at Brian) Tweetsie.
Me: And what did the train say at Tweetsie?
Jonah: (between sobs) whooooo - whoooooo

At Target, Jonah wanted to play with my pen I was using to cross out things on my list.
Me: No, Buddy. You can't have my pen. That's Mommy's.
Jonah: (whining) J-O-N... J-O-N-A-H
Me: (sheepishly gives Jonah pen)

When playing with my new hair dryer box, Jonah kept saying "droiry," "droiry," "droiry." That's how he asked for it too and it actually took Matt a while to figure out what he wanted. So after five to ten minutes of playing with it and continuing to refer to it as a "droiry," Jonah looked straight at Matt and said, as clear as could be,  "All done hair dryer."

I have the tendency to not swing the Swagger Wagon wide enough to avoid right side curbs when driving. This happened twice in a parking lot in SC when we were visiting Matt's folks. Both times, Jonah responded with a (slightly over eager) "BONK!" to make me feel better.

Jonah mispronounces many words, but by far, one of his cutest is "dunk truck" for "dump truck." 

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