Friday, March 25, 2016

Washington DC hopes and a funny story

Hi Friends,

This is going to be random and seem out of place but give me just a second and read to the end please. :)

Do you guys remember a post I did three years ago about starting with a company called Beautycounter? I have been with the company for almost three years, and I am just more and more impressed with the products they make, but even more importantly the work they're doing - selling high performing SAFE personal care products, educating women through access to information and education/mission focused socials, and even lobbying in Washington for more health protective laws. Did you know that the European Union bans 1,400 ingredients from personal care products? The United States bans ELEVEN. We are seriously behind in this arena.

I haven't blogged about it except for that one time, just because I didn't want this blog to become a sales platform. (But I've wanted to a million times because I really wanted to use it as an education platform. :) )


I have a really cool opportunity I thought some of you might want to know about. The top three sales people in NC this month (along with the top sales folks in other states) get a trip to Washington DC in May to actually meet with Senators and other Congressmen/women to talk about the lack of regulation in the personal care product industry, and ask for better laws that are more health protective. I would actually get to go and share Jonah's story with CONGRESS MEMBERS and talk about how concerning it is that in just putting products on his skin to heal wounds, I never know if that product is safe and free of toxins that could contribute to skin cancer (or other cancers) down the road. And how that is not okay.

If you think this is crazy, will you please watch this? It's a piece that ran on MSNBC last year that really sums up what Beautycounter is all about and the work they're trying to do.

I can PROMISE you that the products are amazing and that our ingredient selection and screening process is above and beyond anything else you will find on the market. Our never list is made up of over 1,500 ingredients they will never ever use in their products.

So if you'd be interested in trying products (and maybe helping push me to DC), you can order here:

Of course, feel free to email me with any questions of if you need recommendations or gift ideas at patricesbeautycounter (at) gmail (dot) com. There is also a 60 day full money back policy, so it's pretty risk free. :)

Okay, thank you guys for "listening." I'll update soon on the family. We are all doing well. Jonah remains stable. Gideon remains silly and mischievous. I remain tired. Just kidding. It's a wonderful life. I miss blogging and I miss all of you. I really do have lots of thoughts I want to share all the time but don't ever make it here to share them... because, you know, sleep. The ol' grey mare ain't what she used to be.

If you want to hear a funny story, here is one I posted on Facebook last week. Every day is like this. Well, maybe not exactly like this.

From March 9th:
This just happened. Soon I will laugh. Not right this minute. I was letting Jonah and Gideon play outside while I got lunch ready. They had been out there approximately 120 seconds when Gideon came in, having pooped in his pants. As I was getting his underwear off (sticking my hand in poo), Jonah starts incessantly ringing the doorbell for me to let him in (he can't open the door handle by himself) because he has to pee. When I let him in, the dog runs out and won't come back because there are people walking on the street in front of our house THAT HE MUST SNIFF RIGHT THIS MINUTE OR HE MIGHT DIE. I go out to try to get him to come back and next thing I know, Gideon has gotten off the potty and runs out to us (yes, the walkers too) without pants or underwear, just as free as he can be, in his t-shirt and tennis shoes... with poop STILL on his bottom. Things like this are the answer to my question when I get to the end of my day and wonder why the heck I haven't gotten anything done.


Anonymous said...

love the story!!!!

Toni :O) said...

Ahhhh the life of a mom! Great story! Miss you're blogging. Happy to hear all is well.

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