Thursday, February 27, 2014


This kid turned FIVE today...
...and I have been tearing up about it all day long.

Not the "Oh no, my baby's growing up" tears, but the "I cannot believe what God has done" tears. I spent a few minutes on the blog today reading some posts and many, many reader/prayer warrior comments from late Feb and March of 2009. And I am just IN AWE of how God got us through that terrifying time.

How did we stay so positive? How did everything turn out like it did? How did we not crumple up in fear and despair? How did he make it out without infection? How did we come home in 32 days when they told us it would be a minimum of two months, if he made it home at all? How is he five when there was a 90% chance he would die in his first year of life?

The answer is GOD. And prayer. And that is all.

He is so good and so faithful and so mighty. And the truth is, He would be all of those things even if Jonah had died. But he didn't. And I'm so grateful. So very very grateful.

Here is Jonah this morning, when we woke him up.

He just melts my heart in a puddle on the floor.

And here we are at the mall tonight, riding the train as part of his "birthday fun" night.

We've come a mighty long way, Friends. I stand amazed.

Posts from February of 2009.

Posts from March of 2009.

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