Tuesday, March 19, 2013

jonah dancing at Disney

We just got back from a week at Disney World. I haven't had time yet to load and edit photos, but here are a couple of videos of Jonah breaking it down while we were there.

Chubby Checker was giving a concert at Epcot while we were there. As you can tell, Jonah enjoyed it.

And this one is from our last night at Magic Kingdom. We randomly came across a dance party. Jonah was so inundated in his moves, he didn't even notice when Goofy came up behind him and started dancing! You'll also get to see Cousin Will's signature move in this one. :) (Excuse the crazy camera work... I literally had to take Jonah's head and turn him around before he noticed Goofy.)

We had an amazing (and EXHAUSTING) vacation. More to come soon! (You know, as soon as I catch up on sleep and finish unpacking.)

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