Wednesday, February 27, 2013

happy birthday, jonah!

My dear, sweet, hilarious, miraculous, tender-hearted Jonah,

Today you turn four years old... and what an amazing four years they've been. Jonah, we didn't know if we'd get even one year with you and God has given us an incredible FOUR! You are probably the most affectionate, compassionate, caring child I have ever known.

When people are hurting or upset, you are hurting and upset with them. When I told you a few weeks ago that your baby brother was sick, you burst into tears and cried, "But babies aren't supposed to be sick!" That's your heart, my sweet boy - constantly thinking of others.

You could dwell on your own pain and boo boos, but you don't. You focus on the fun and joy in life. You pray for others and then ask about them days later, when we're not even talking about them, wondering if they're doing better.

We could not ask for more, Jonah. Of course we pray for your healing and that God would take your pain away. And we will continue to ask and have confidence you will one day be healed. BUT, the struggles you've faced and the pain you know has made you who you are, and we couldn't be happier with who you've become.

You are so sweet and kind, but on top of those things, you have a silly, funny little personality that goes along with a smile that lights up a room. You keep us laughing and we DAILY recount stories to each other of the hilarious things you've done and said. Thank you for being such a bright light in an often dark world!

You love Jesus, Jonah. You talk about Him and ask about Him and credit Him when good things happen and when your boo boos heal. You know that one day we will all go live with Him and you won't have boo boos anymore. And you know that He lives in your heart and takes care of you... of our whole family. Your tender heart and love for Him is the greatest gift I could think of. So even though EB is hard and your "normal" is so much more complicated than most kids your age, you have come through it all with an amazing, resilient little spirit.

When you were born, we were so sad and scared and uncertain of your future. Many days all I could do was live in fear for your future.

Would you live? Would you have friends? Would you get married, have kids? But as time has gone on and we see how amazing you are, how wonderful you are IN THIS MOMENT, it's easier not to worry about your future. Because God is on your side, Jonah. He has called you by name, and you are HIS.

His hands are on you and I am certain a legion of angels still protects you. We are confident of your future, Jonah. Sure that God has a great purpose for your amazing life... knowing that He is not done with you yet.

We stand in awe of your life and what God has done every day. We are so thankful for you - for who you are and who you will become. You have a sweet spirit and an amazing heart, and people who meet you are changed, Sweet Jonah. Don't ever lose sight of what He has done and who you are in Him.

Lord, thank you for giving us Jonah. When I was pregnant you know that I prayed, "Lord, let him live so that he can praise you." And God, his little life sings out your glory every single day. You have answered our prayer. You are faithful and ever present and so clearly obvious in Jonah's life and in our family. We will always give you the glory for who you are and what you've done. Thank you for an amazing four years.


Anonymous said...

You and your family are always in my prayers��,
Love ��, Judy T., ( Leah �� ) & Tabby's Grandma

Melissa said...

Every time I hear your song...Before the Morning...I just rejoice for Jonah and all God has done! I've read since the beginning, loving and praying over y'all. You are fighters, and I'm constantly encouraged by you, your wit and perspective, and not being afraid to tell it like it is. We will continue praying! Happy day!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, dear Jonah! I have been following your blog for many years and have been inspired by your life. Sending prayers and blessings from India. Have a wonderful celebration!

- Nima

Kriss said...

Happy Birthday! I've followed your story from the beginning. Can't believe he is four!

Anonymous said...

I am late but Happy Birthday Jonah! I have been following since before he came home from the hospital and this post brought tears to my eyes. Y'all are a family of amazing people and my life has been blessed for the window into your life that you have shared.