Thursday, November 8, 2012

girls' trip 2012

Last Thursday, my friend Lindsey and I flew to Texas to have a Jesus/Quiet/Girls' Weekend with our friend Jen. You know, the One Who Moved To Texas.

Lindsey and I made enemies of two crochety ladies on the plane who were mad at us for TALKING ON A MIDDAY FLIGHT (long story), Jonah really struggled the first two days with me being gone, Matt and Jonah got sick, Jonah threw up all his meals for two days, and every time we talked, he was crying. BUT after that, things got much better.

(Also, in the above photo, Jonah was upset with me because I didn't get the nose of the plane in the shot. I am a horrible mother.)

We stayed in an amazing lake house in Granbury, Texas and had a great time. It was the perfect combination of sleeping in, hanging around the house, devotionals, personal quiet time, and getting to go out and do things.

(I don't love this photo of me. The sun was completely in my eyes, but anyway, you get the idea. There was water.)

On Thursday, we went by Jen's house and got to hang out with her sweet boys for a bit.

They are cute. :) Then we went to get something to eat, had pedicures and headed out to the lake.

On Friday, after some quiet time, we headed into downtown Granbury. There are a lot of cute shops, and we ate at a restaurant called Babe's. Oh. My. Word. There are six or seven meats on the menu, and then the sides are shared among the table, things like creamed corn, mashed potatoes, green beans etc, and refillable. We ate a ton, and it was glorious. After dinner, we went to the Granbury Theatre and saw a play called "I Do! I Do!" There were maybe 30 people in there and we were the youngest by far, but it was super fun and a really sweet play.

On Saturday, we got to go to the Delgado's house and spend some time with Anton and the other Delgado cuties.

I have some amazingly adorable pictures of Anton on my real camera (these are all phone photos), so I'll have more of his cuteness later. It was such a sweet time. I love that kid like he's my own. What a story. God is so good.

After that, Vanessa got to come with us (HOORAY!), and we headed over to the Fort Worth Stock Yards. We missed the cattle drive and the rodeo was sold out, but we got to do some shopping for our Littles and had another good meal. It was quite the culture shock, but so so fun.

I have felt so refreshed since I've been back. It was so good to have some sweet time with Jesus and my girls. And so much unexpected time with Vanessa was just super-great icing on the cake. I DON'T EVEN THINK I GOT ONE PHOTO OF US.

I'm so thankful to Matt and his parents for holding down the fort here so I could go. I know it wasn't easy, especially with Matt and Jonah being sick, but I think Matt would say it was worth it. I do feel like a new woman... hopefully a better wife and mommy. I love my family so much, but time away for refreshment every once in a while does the body, mind, and soul a lot of good. And it was so great to really get to miss my kids and to REALLY miss Matt... not in a "When is your father going to be home???" sort of way, but in a "Hey, I really miss my best friend" sort of way. He's a keeper. :)

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Toni :O) said...

How wonderful you got some much needed girly time. I loved your last comment because it is so true. Anton looks so great. Such a blessing!