Sunday, September 16, 2012

baby n

I wrote a few weeks ago about Sweet N, a baby in an eastern European orphanage who has EB. He has a family here in the U.S. ready to bring him home, but there is still lots of fundraising left to do. His mommy, Tona, is seen here in this video. It was put together by a sweet EB advocate named Christie, after she was in on one of Anton's dressing changes when we were all in Florida for the EB conference.

Warning: you will need tissues.

This is EB.

Now, can you imagine that? Those kinds of wounds, untended in an orphanage? Can you imagine a little boy, just like Anton, but without the care and love of his mother?

Will you help, if you can? Or at least share this post? Tona is trying to raise $100 per mile for every mile of the marathon (26.2) she will run in October. She wants to raise the money, but she also wants people who don't know about EB to LEARN. Baby Easton has opened a lot of eyes, and although I hate with every fiber of my being that another baby was born with EB, I am thankful at the numbers of people who are finding out about EB through him.

Tona's fundraising page for the marathon is HERE, and you can find their blog and follow their story HERE.

If just 260 people gave $10 each, we could help her reach her goal. We have 23 more days until the marathon. Let's bring Baby N home, so he can get the care and love he DESPERATELY needs and deserves. It just breaks my heart.

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